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movements but good form so we're already making that assumption that you're using good form and if you're at a Cross Fit gym year using engine has a good ramp-up program or has good instructors that are watching your former aren't about how many you know numbers how fast you can do your Fran n but looking at what's the quality of the movement's right quality wraps not quantity wraps things like that are going to be major stimulated growth hormone Val increase testosterone %ah be a growth hormone and its mechanisms are not exercising too much because we know longer distance especially aerobic stuff will cause lower levels out to stocks run as well and again for two straps there's a phenomenon known as Creighton alone steel or court is all escaped so imagine our home on building block at the top of the pyramid and if the building block goes down to the lap its going to go to our anabolic hormones if it goes down to the right it to go to our stress hormones so imagine there being like a 50-50 split were like were at the top of the pyramid like half for the building block goes down one-way to anabolic half goes to the catabolic or stress hormones and what happened as we get more stressed our body is always year to deal with stress now purses allowing you to produce hormones that allow you to feel good and be healthy in energetic now because our bodies and care about tomorrow 

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