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Us you know exercise right exercise is not good for you if the results desire K so it's kind alike a tool use it to get what you want up having stronger muscles on with his life playlist have a stronger muscles I called the chassis your muscles it actually attended the tendons attach to the phone the latest keep the ball stay here Lipo skin you can’t have strong muscles are we both can every hustlers I and vice guy and we basically if this delicious correcting global like nature then you will get up result all along that the system and with high intensity slow speed rating: you get result in all  categories flexibility vascular straight directs at bone mass increase and muscle Idols Live British are graduating how much more must you get the traditional training that's what we're here to talk tonight after we were just placed this a little bit and sit down to up with this method excise there's a book I recommend if you want to read what website body by science like document got this an emergency room doctor he's been training this method for twenty - years as well so my mentors as well up and there's some pretty cold arrived in research coming out that not only can you reduce the difference in strength between a younger age groups and all the groups that you can actually reversed at the DNA level just recently it and just do that about time. 

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