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The audio path there was just absolutely hi-fi and you know the console was perfect match for that studio to have the coolest things about studio where there's an enormous chamber that was revers chamber noble and silo here with revert chamber number two there was a mica at the top speaker at the bottom and we lower theme for different things so these two are our lives echo chambers and they sounded terrific J studio console was number nine of  manufactured when the recording industry was in a state to change from analog tape based recording to digital audio workstations only bought this card it was at the very Shari’s very beginning what became the digital revolution reported at that point the SAL consoles and pretty much taken overall in the larger studios computerize mixing in Islam value an app for water music underproduction not for tracking I was me is data sizeof the sound and open this the top and the kind and natural quality it had thanks I'll outside the speakers and size to those consoles that nothing else head in its heyday boosted by its close proximity to New York bear tracks was a true Hit Factory artists as diverse as the woo-tang clan to Dream Theater Maria Carey to Bork or use the unique facilities and the focus I consoled a better we thought we had maybe  years have analog ahead of us naked world at far less time than we thought the better its console was decommissioned and kept in storage for several years until it was purchased by SST studios in Hobo-ken New Jersey just over the river from Manhattan endless than  miles from the console original location in upstate New York it needed love but we got it you know to time patience its clean as a whistle now in a time when everybody’s going one way I'd charter go in the other you know I mean everybody’s breaking down to making a simpler but there's an inherent faith that great records still get made a certain way so that's going to go around white right it's a very complicated counsel but it’s very easy to use a very well thought out the sound the fidelity of it is just something you're not going to climb today's modern music ever is just straight up pretty to look at I mean specially when you light it up it definitely will looks fantastic in a studio. 

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