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john tenison

Experience working from recipes so if I say it you know they say you have a crupper Barry’s okay well I put ferries in a measuring cup but they also add up to half a cup so I'm very comfortable using weights and so the country's me up I'm unsure about the numbers that I'm getting or in the case have there's this chick and mustard chicken recipe they have may say to use want to Thereon Townsend I love chicken and master an oil and other things and then you may get all as charge for and I have the cash our values free serving but they don't say how many alike is a chicken is going tube in one serving ands so because a male serving out pretty is six ounces in a female serving as four ounces so I get hung up on us stuff and I have trouble with conversions and Ideally need to ask them for advice and tools and thing so that I'm not afraid love messing things upend I can create the variety and I need for this to be sustainable um another thing is I'm negative thoughts I do you have allot of negative thoughts week I mention a little bit before about how ice have his voice telling me that this is overwhelming and how can I possibly keep going to the trainer three times a week at this intensity and I think that voice is something that’s play me.

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