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you can do with natural management brain hormones just a little quick thing on that low serotonin levels of the brain neurotransmitter can cause hunger eatingcarbs elevates insulin and therefore serotonin levels dealing with neurotransmitter imbalances by dealing with magnesium to be sex mp3 and Sony’s other be nice vitamins out there but and others will help elevate serotonin levels which decrease depression and decrease the desire to eat you can also naturally elevate serotonin levels by taking some extra trip to fan are amino acid 5-htp is well you can do brain ammo that ok a slave to the grind we have to remember that we are what we eat so if we choose to eat inflammatory foods high-fat foods hi sugary foods processed foods we get only expect to be in pain and state a disease okexcitation came and thus a diabetic patient and site all these diabetic patient I didn't want them drinking coffee because that can really especially for diabetic can affect blood sugar levels because the caffeine in it can cause I basically that that blood sugar imbalance to become worse and so I was going through all the report findings with them shown as blood work and all these things always recommendations and I could tell it just wasn't paying attention and I said well you know I needed make sure you are drinking coffee you should seen the expression on his face you know we've got cameras are office inland we are early we take a picture Beach up patient that comes in so we can put it on their I'm electronic record as.

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