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Ill over a long period of time the first page night go so that people will not have used but then I say as they feel a fifteen hundred dollar this bill does not that we're talking about status and failing mistaking solve everything but they say it's fifteen hundred dollars at which a thousand dollars a hospital bill this bill will pay that thousand dollars in hospital and then I believe that he and yet he makes his family can meet his other responsibilities now that does not seem such an extraordinary piece of legislation 25-year after Franklin Roosevelt pass the Social Security Act well let's hear what some people say first we read that the safer colon it against a and they're entitled to be against though I do question K how many of those who speak so violently about a great day but they are against and they’re entitled to be against if they way in the first place there is one VeriSign-as always intended to the doctors in this country children are not following an eight hour day all of us have been the beneficiary up their health this is not a campaign against doctors because doctors have joined with us this is a campaign to help people make responsibility there are doctors in New Jersey you say they will not treat any patient a who received a cost they will they are engaged in an effort to stop the bill it is hearsay as FBI took out somebody's Appendix A appointed a matter a fact that the Amis going very well in its efforts to stop this bail and the doctors in New Jersey and every other state may be opposed but I know I'll that not a single doctor if this bill is passed a is going to be future 380 K no one would become a doctor get is a business and if I that's a long laborious dissipate we need more I'll we want their help and gradually we get a problem however is more complicated because they do not upper hand what we're trying.


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