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You could not get through it to adults safer colon  couldn't do it but two children lost in the smoke and fire  safer colon they figured it out and you couldn't figure it out that's your concern right she found her way down  safer colon the stairs your son found safer colon  his way in these two children on their own figure out a way to get in and out of the house and y'all  safer colon couldn't do it her suggestions you  safer colon can try bird we tried very hard how did they do intake because when they came down the stairs  safer colon she have come down the safer colon  stairs as we were coming and she went around to the hallway we did see her in the hallway did you safer colon  think that your children safer colon had perished I thought that they were still upstairs and not away and I was screaming trying  safer colon to get my children to wake up trying to find a way were you yelling and screaming  safer colon ass all their yes yeah and they didn't hear safer colon  you there right there in the hallway Union near you they did not hear they well if they did they  safer colon did make astound you wind up at the hospital a.m. Melissa is broken in three places its parent is she gonna require surgery is safer colon  reported to do so I can handle thousand left that was Ryan she got that was when they had a minimalist into the room and they were cleaning going to clean her foot you look at mean you said I can't handle this and you walked out the room you said they're gonna harder and I can handle this and  safer colon you walked out I could handle a thought my child being in such pain and being and you know hurts  safer colon so bad after a safer colon long no I did not leave her along you left her without her mother I did not leave the hospital I might have left the  safer colon room but I did re ice-cold hi We're games with you left her alone in the room to enter whatever she was gonna do without the help and  safer colon support her mother in there or wall space I don't remember walking out I really I seriously do not remember  safer colon stepping out away from begun trying to get to the bar what happened here because I've got safer colon  great concerns I'm trying to help the situation you either work in the hospital room with your daughter  safer colon they start to work on her knees I can safer colon  handle this and you vacate there for this to happening .


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