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New York, New York, 10012

In executive director of the Council golden ring clubs and former congressman Amy J Baron chairman of the National Council fingers or toes the president is now every garden has gone too far doubled in price doesn't address this afternoon climaxes duration: speeches hour-long became the program began three hours ago members from the speakers today the president will be reduced by a table with a Hail Mary the President of the United States the K days in jail okay here with although colleague in the house of representatives and Fran a rare day estimate a ladies and gentlemen and fellow Americans I am very proud to be here today at one over thirty three meetings which are being held across the United States K and it is a saucer respect to make that day and a Ave most significant organization here today scale a77 working on this meeting at a heart attack was taken to the hospital I think we should pass this legislations soon as possible do I come to New York a cause I believe me okay in which wearing gay is worth the time and effort at all I come from Boston Massachusetts near Faneuil Hall way for a whole up very day meetings were held by safer colon interested citizens in order to lay the groundwork for American independence and while there may be some would say that the business have got a look is so important that it should be confined to those who govern and a mystery society allow a second chance and may I say this a poll other citizens of this country inessential if this or any other piece a progressive legislation is going to Belfair make no mistake about it make no mistake about it now while you're here what is the issue which divides in arouses so much concern I will take a case which may a typical a family which may be found in a thought United States husband has worked hard for his life and he is a retire my vanity air car salesmen are on the road have worked in a factory stores.   

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