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I just put on my table because it gets too cold if you couldn't put it in the refry data and stuff like tomatoes you actually not supposed to put them in the refrigerator they're supposed to have like wrapping up in Europe K on your on yak flow on your desk as they get nice and red man some surreal a really am. try and see if this isn't just a mental thing it might be anew live in a very poorly isolated place like I feel Sweden be isolationists really really good so I didn't I mean I usually don’t struggle here Derma Youth Pro in winter at all because the isolation he is just so good I did struggle when I lived in Copenhagen man was undercooked diet I thought that was really cold I think the isolation in Copenhagen when I lived there most at these old apartments in Copenhagen quite poorly isolated my parents place a bit better but still I I’m quite cold in the winter there but I still feel that if you just make sure your pump your lymph regularly Betties getting enough exercise huge usually don't need to eat the warm food like.

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