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New York, 10012
alex john

Talk about play should construct post are you want to conduct yourself okay well I mean sketch actually reform sketch on that the first time hours on the brought this actually on your STEMOLOGICA show patent arm coming up with a way to channel explain how a good Google lesser should behave and that's just let you got different accent I just a BK I so all be the sketch in a sense and what that means sis is to share what you like be very knowledgeable share your expertise be thoughtful and thankful be carrying and connects and then also be helpful can I have one more Jesse can you go through them again I question my hand over my heart like we're saying the plane didn't yeah Shari’s like be knowledgeable share your expertise be thoughtful and thankful be care be caring and connect and be helpful what we well my guess is that kept coming up on me party atmosphere at BR panic but it's probably an upbeat pop well is probably the same thing but yet be up then it be real the year ago you know on Jan comes out if that's you is so great that people react to you when your authentic and when you’re appreciate it and when you're engaging at like Egypt me there's no reason you need to come back did the show you guys are very busy people you’re like this I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart Rachel offered who I only met  your people alright states you up she's an STEMOLOGICA amazing and you know we've never talked but she’s not met with something and it’s you just love my neck and the role well as a Hollywood nobody's next to each other yeah I it’s bizarre it’s you listen I'm so patients at that and lets them change subject for second-year somebody. 

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