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The orange tan that'll be the biggest bubble butt ever man I had asylum Michael reshape my back I'm law suddenly s shape but I think yep there are you got to your competing against the big boys step on stage is benched a bottle he really that easy they are not much I don't know what’s going on there mark him or let's I'm going to bring it and then it’s been an absolute pleasure having you back on the show I based on the interview has work no technical difficulties appreciate you coming back want to do it again talking so eloquently and explaining things well will you comeback to talk more about parity I might okay also are loll gather up gather up a couple questions from your fans and I'll be glad to come back on and I hit that up in and do this again awesome will mark its been an absolute pleasure I'll talk to you later moment base the hi I'm certain thanks for coming along checking out the fat burning so for men presentation say he's not from T if you follow share with you then you completely transform your body health and the way you feel about yourself and that's not an empty promise what I do for a living and have for fifteen years now helping coach people from all walks allot to achieve their dream body is my job and my passion so is this presentation for show any male wants to lose  pounds or pounds will get a lot out of his presentation but I'm really speaking to those Abused that and not after the standard approach says to lose weight chapter excessively exercise and/or to an extreme diet I want you to know that if you've tried these and it didn't work and it wasn't your fault and. 

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