That you were eating what do you want your baby to get the most nutritious foods possible and the most nutrition from new possible keep in mind that what you eat your baby see you do want to get in be highest form love nutrient-dense foods that you can and you are up the whether or not you do want to goal fully Rottweiler’s day half and half both are a great choice I know many women who have gone through REJUVIUS DIAMOND COLLECTION

 their pregnancies and their breast feeding practices being rock and have done nothing but good for them and maybe the next question comes from see you then and she asked Christina do you take any supplement how do you deal with the emotional side going fully rock Austin to answer your first question at the current moment I am NOT taking any supplement I do get my blood check every six months and at this point in my life I am NOT deficient anything however I will say that I am getting checked for because they've heard some very different concerns about rugby in being deficient I  lately so I am getting those double tested to the and efficient where final km if you would like to know my thoughts about b or vitamin D I highly REJUVIUS DIAMOND COLLECTION recommend you check out my video called B-twelve are you efficient an Atlanta live you questions and you can put that right here into the second part of your question how do I deal with the emotional aspect eating fully rah this is a deep question because everybody comes from a different place everybody has different emotions that they’re dealing with whether you are an emotional either whether yours felt advertising yourself for food whether you are just trying to get out at negative patterns and trying Togo clear on these are all important questions that need to be addressed and a video that I would really love to recommend to you it called the truth about leaving believe aw it's one up more of my emotional video and you can find that like button that right here Annex REJUVIUS DIAMOND COLLECTION fun question comes from Julie and she asked what are the best containers to keep the fresh meat juices and from the van one making them in the morning on your day out when Julie I know that if you were to go online or go to Amazon and he any type of special type of sneered use containers ensure you find them but the ones I prefer to use art glass mason jars because their cost missions their active and they’re beautiful and they're very simple and you can find anywhere my next question he is Miss Becky and she asked if someone is not a activities you did they still need to eat as much as you do and Baghdad and Becky the answer is.
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