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The country that happened here in Calgary where I am there was a court trial occupy Calgary busted the City of Calgary in the City of Calgary was that supported by the Judicial District decision and he said yes the bylaws a superseding the supreme right you know I love to all citizens to assemble and to have freedom of speech likewise in Vancouver it with the same although I would agree that the bonds do Maxman Power need to bemire explicit and more lucid when I went to Vancouver on October  three days or four days after that we had George W Bush visiting I sorry British Columbia which is just down by bank over now in Canada we have a crimes against humanity and war crimes act an Immigration and Refugee Protection Act both the way to unambiguous that people who have confessed to having participated and authorized torture are inadmissible the kinder many jurists and lawyers have drawn attention to that no I dominated I N Occupy Vancouver as an obvious cause I don't think there was anyone know who would say George bush shouldn't be arrested on but unfortunately I there was this-gonna be thought that the centralized kind of and I want to eat on it that we should have any I you know a and any leadership and anyone-kinda telling other people what they should think the one they should do and think I'm I do concur with. 

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