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The cookies and the break room the prep six at dinner they all contain gluten and they are all keeping you fact remove these gloom field boots and replace them with how the alternates and you're on the right track now I’ll imagine you may be feeling a little overwhelmed I just threw a lot of the information that You and for most it's probably Bern dale and very contradictory to what she'd been told your whole life I mean what Brad wanted the fundamental sat the old nutritional pyramid we learned back in grade school knowing the gluten needs to be removed from your diet is just first step learning how to remove it can be a little tricky my goal is to make your transition to gluten free and effortless an enjoyable one what I went through my gluten-free transformation I realize the club was just the tip of the iceberg eliminating this harmful protein opens the door to a whole new world have improved health and nutrition for optimal weight loss and fat burning putting all of this together in a logical simple to follow manner so that you are not overwhelmed is what is essential back is why I created gluten-free at your complete nutritional game plan for losing weight and getting healthy inside this course I'll show you exactly what Clinton is and how to identify exactly how to replace Clinton with healthier and tastier alternative that won't leave you feeling fat and below did after you eat and I take it a step further I'll show you exactly how to eat properly to increase your metabolism what to eat and when so that there's no confusion or get single and much more before we continue must make one thing clear: this is not a get results quick diet fad this is not aid no crab diet that leaves you feeling tired and lethargic this is not some calorie counting program this is not a painfully frustrating starvation plan that will deprive you up delicious food you can lose weight and p.m. great sheep while eating the food you in Chile sole’s take a closer look at exactly what you'll be getting with gluten-free acts first there's gluten free ads book inside educate you on everything there is to know about gluten and its harmful effects on the body you learn how to identify and eliminate once and for all and most importantly all should you be easy and tasty alternatives to gluten that will keep me sane and happy but that's not all going gluten-free is just the beginning inside. 

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