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Had never done anything like this before and honestly I'm scared goes nothing how many calories are you reading just the sandwiches alone this mirror one seven forty calories 44 grams of fat and out oh my gosh seventeen hundred  New Age Garcinia    milligrams sodium that's like my daily life in the city right there wow this is basically all immediate day almost was an exam I know how bad it is for me but I would be lying if I said I hear told you that the smell said it you know trigger things in my mind halfway there up a weak reading your decision won't trees she's get a few chuckles at this whole thing to sea see how miserable I am but I mean I want her to know that I'm willing to make the sacrifice for treats with you used to drink anywhere is usually a soda 0 chase for breakfast get some caffeine firegotta wear by the time is on the 2nd hash brown I was so full I was so uncomfortable I was ready to stop okay thing coming back up already like us still usually work right now I'm yeah cell right after breakfast I would ghetto work and he did own or two that bad and I all ridiculous rupees attack on polyester your workouts stand will for treating place always alrighthow really well Carl can we get to you she raised dynasties good the deal that was so for all this time and I had so much greasy breakfast deposits how mister eating it was just it was overwhelming how many calories   New Age Garcinia   you think removed a lot his face didn't she was turning red news breaking us but at some point he just he liked miserable you could tell he was just forcing down every single bite to eat at is look like you’re about to puke I feel horrible about it I did bought him to eat it but you can I wanted to prove what that John does to your body everyone yep I'm SOL for at this point any style even noon yet I can't imagine.


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