Fox Fitness Club

551-555 Keilor Road, Niddrie, VIC 3042
(03) 9379 8199
Sav Rizzas

Fox Fitness Club is a gym. For your complete body fitness we provide personal training on demand .  We provide the zumba classes for aerobics to help you enhance your stamina. Also we run group fitness program at our soothing and fresh environment for your hygiene purpose.

3.68 out of 5 from 31 reviews
rating 5/5 Date: 22/11/2020
Been going to gyms for 20 years. Best gym I've been to by far!! Friendly staff always clean and maintained.
rating 5/5 Date: 27/06/2013
I think the people that gave one star reviews must be managers of rival gyms or must be completely stupid. Dirty? Small? the place is ginormous and there is not a spec of dust, dirt or worn out material. Great staff, very easy to become familiar with, great equipment, the only negative for me is the location as it isnt very central. But it is the best gym in west melbourne without doubt
rating 5/5 Date: 31/01/2013
Best gym I've ever used! Clean, tidy, quality equipment that is well maintained, friendly staff & members. Owners are have a genuine passion for the fitness industry and aren't there just to make money. A fantastic gym to train in! :)
rating 5/5 Date: 04/12/2012
Fox Fitness is a great gym and suitable for all ages....By far, one of the best gyms in the area. Great Equipment.....Always Clean... Great Staff and Service. Thanks to Fox Fitness.
rating 5/5 Date: 04/12/2012
I have been a member of Fox Fitness for 3 years. Not once in this time I have had reason to complain. It is far and beyond one of the cleanest gyms I have frequented. Staff are always friendly and very helpful, fellow members that I have encountered are welcoming and again very friendly. Foxfitness is unique in how it offers an environment conducive to that of a boutique fitness centre as well as a gym for strength and conditioning training. I live locally and not once to my recollection has the music or the building for that matter been an issue. Having witnessed the construction and effort put into establishing this gym, accompanied by a genuine passion staff have towards the fitness industry, I have all confidence in recommending Foxfitness Niddrie to anyone interested in joining a gym. A
rating 4/5 Date: 04/12/2012
love that place, every training session is like a new one. When I walk in, they know my name. They are very flexible when it comes to membership and very reasonably priced. The members all care for the gym as much as the owners. It's a club where you are treated like a member and feel like you are part of the place. Everyone who trains there looks after the place. This is due to the high standards set by the owners.
rating 5/5 Date: 03/12/2012
Have been a member of Fox Fitness for a good couple of years and have never looked at other gyms since. Great friendly staff, very accommodating and helpful, lots of support, classes galore to choose from, not to mention the amound of equipment to cater for all types of exercise from cardio, weights, through to suspension and cross fit training to say the least and friendly members who don't judge. Also very reasonable priced & clean enviroment. They also are very knowlegable with products sold and cater for all members of all ages would highly reccommend.
rating 5/5 Date: 03/12/2012
I've been going to this gym all year so far and will continue going!! It's very hard to find a gym in the area that tick all the boxes - CLEAN, friendly, great equipment, AWESOME STAFF and great music played at the PERFECT VOLUME!! The place is spotless and the staff are constantly cleaning! The female change rooms are honestly the most hygenic I have seen and I use their change rooms every single time I visit. I love that this gym has an area for women upstairs which I use often, having said that i've never felt uncomfortable training downstairs. A huge thank you to the guys who run this place, I get greeted with a friendly smile everytime I'm there and great conversation, not to mention all the help and advice they give!! Goodluck trying to find a gym at a high standard- guarenteed you wont! Looking forward to my training session tonight! Tania
rating 5/5 Date: 03/12/2012
I have been going to gyms for over 10 years and this is by far the cleanest and well maintained gyms. As for the people writing poor comments about the smell etc they have obviously never been to this gym. I think they have an alternative agenda. Also seems its the same person making comment. Keep up the good work boys highly recommend this place to anyone. My wife and two girls go to this gym not a place I would send teenage girls to if it was dirty or male centric. Terry
rating 5/5 Date: 03/12/2012
I have been going to gyms for over 10 years and this is by far the cleanest and well maintained gyms. As for the people writing poor comments about the smell etc they have obviously never been to this gym. I think they have an alternative agenda. Also seems its the same person making comment. Keep up the good work boys highly recommend this place to anyone. My wife and two girls go to this gym not a place I would send teenage girls to if it was dirty or male centric. Terry
rating 5/5 Date: 02/12/2012
I have used a few gyms in my time, Fox fitness would be the best gym I have been a member of. The staff are always great to deal with, you ask them a question, and they will spend the time to help you out and not just turn you away. The equipment (hammer strength) is top of the range, and always clean... I can not fault them on their cleanliness. The IQ of the person responsible for the negative comments couldnt be very high, reading through them quickly, its obvious its the same person with no life writing comment after comment.
rating 5/5 Date: 02/12/2012
Music is to loud?? What has the world come to where someone cant play music during the day? Have you people lost your mind? I have been at this gym for a few years and I have never seen rats and its not dirty at all. Harry sometimes leaves skiddys in the toilet but its all good. The equipment is awesome and never have a problem with anything. Haters gonna hate.....jealousy's a curse
rating 5/5 Date: 02/12/2012
I personally think all the negative reviews are from the same person. I've been training there for the past 2 years and find the staff to be pleasant and extremely helpful. The doors are mainly open so there are definately no issues with smells. I have never seen vermin or traces of vermin, the only animals I've seen are a few little spiders and the occasional bird that flies in for a visit. I'm really happy with the way things are run there and would definately recommended it to people, male and female. Keep up the good work guys!!!
rating 5/5 Date: 30/11/2012
Exelent equipment Exelent staff. To all u dickheads, the music is not too loud it doesn't smell like sweat and if it did maybe that's because it's a gym not a day spa. Go train at furnwood bitches!
rating 5/5 Date: 29/11/2012
I've been a member at this gym since it opened(which is 2.5 yrs). Obviously the people writing these negative comments have not stepped foot in the place! The owners and staff are lovely and place is immaculately kept. The equipment is well maintained and the group exercise classes and instructors are excellent. Highly recommended!!
rating 5/5 Date: 29/11/2012
great gym, great ppl, great work out, great area. great help. great service. what more do you want.. GET IN THERE...
rating 5/5 Date: 29/11/2012
A great gym. As a female, I feel very comfortable in both the main gym area and the ladies gym which is very private. Great equipment and the classes are varied and top of the class instructors. The gym was built brand new and is very modern and clean. I have been going since it opened and wouldnt go anywhere else. Thanks guys!
rating 5/5 Date: 29/11/2012
I have been a member of Fox for over two years and love the place. My work takes me all over the country and I am well aware of what's out there. Fox is by far the best. The staff are it's greatest asset. Friendly, happy and treat you as an individual not another number clicking in. You are always greeted with a smiling face and a hello. You can't help but feel welcome. The owners take great pride in the appearance and cleanliness of the place. The people who are members love their gym and take care to return the weights to their correct locations. Very rarely have I seen things misplaced and if they are the owners straighten things up all the time. Who ever says the place smells is wrong! It's a new gym and there are massive open doors constantly airing the place.... Obviously someone who has not been there. I love this place so much that when I recently moved 250 meters away from Windy Hill I still continued my membership at Fox. If you are looking around for a friendly place don't look any further, good rates; $700 per year and they don't push you and let you wander around and check it out yourself, often I have seen them give your first trial visit free.
rating 5/5 Date: 29/11/2012
Fox Fitness in Niddrie is the best gym I've ever been to and I have been to out of the past 5. The owners are lovely and get to know their clients unlike other gyms. They also have great boxing instructors and keep me coming to their classes ;) JH
rating 5/5 Date: 29/11/2012
Best Gym in the Essendon Area..I travel from Taylor's Lakes to use this gym as its owned by two friendly blokes who take pride in there equipment and building. These reviews don't make sense.. Great equipment/classes with a good mix of female/male for people calling it a "night club"......the music isnt even loud (It's a gym not a hospital). I'm in my second year as a member and I highly recommend Fox. - Pete
rating 1/5 Date: 20/11/2012
iv been going to fitness centres for the passsed 5 years,this has got to be by far the worst yet,dirty and smelt very bad..
rating 1/5 Date: 10/11/2012
rating 1/5 Date: 24/10/2012
rating 1/5 Date: 02/08/2012
poor service
rating 1/5 Date: 19/07/2012
suited for a younger crowd,didnt enjoy the music,and the lady in charge had no idea about customer service..
rating 1/5 Date: 06/07/2012
rude staff,not in the best location,more of a mens fitness centre.
rating 1/5 Date: 21/06/2012
this fitness centre was more like a night club,the music was very loud,couldnt even communicate with the staff.overall i wasnt happy with the service.
rating 1/5 Date: 20/06/2012
Wasnt happy with this fitness centre at all.i had no help from the staff,they were rude to me.wouldnt go there again!
rating 5/5 Date: 15/06/2012
One of the best gyms I've ever been to. Top of the line equipment, wide range of classes. Also very clean.
rating 1/5 Date: 21/04/2012
this fitness centre is mainly for men,it smelt like sweat and was dirty,i even saw a rat,no surprise for a gym in a tin shed,!!i would not rec it to anyone.
rating 1/5 Date: 21/04/2012
this gym is the worst iv been to,the music is to loud and the staff are not friendly,i wont waste my money on them again,i tried the other gym only 2 mins away in keilor rd,and i was very happy!!

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