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Went Plain without a word he left the room and then she saw these nurses gathering and stand the crime she's like why what's going on my parents were explained to me that it took actually four-month before they came to terms with it and the mean there weren't just Christians they were united church planters you're a good question you know the question was why would God let that happen I mean after all there are the deets write opinions brings blessings that God will protect you that that Gods Jehovah John R you provide a but I mean it was just amazing when everyone have had that shock that grief morning as if someone had died asking God why so but the and time learn how to deal with that in you I can do I look at from the old photos from your childhood looks like you know you're loved by your family your brothers and sisters I do and none of them were born with this disability correct and so but you're in a nurturing loving family you're in the church but then when you got in the school kids can be cruel and in there were some hard times I went there have before I went to school II didn't think of myself as anything weirder Juveliere skincare I mean I knew that I had the ones that are like this I like I woke up one morning after what happened United’s left through just over there and Waller I love Vita is like I go to school and I’m like I know I have no limbs and I was little bit different but I didn’t think it was that deal and going to the school grounds it was like make you look we're in all the fourth the names and laughing and pointing the finger at me and I started to think well maybe I am different to a point where I'm not valuable maybe .

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