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chikum buura

Neighbor him asking him what if there’s forty in God said yes what if there's thirty not down with theirs her twenty well if there’s God kept answering him that doesn't mean God was changing his mind ohm actually God wasn't even the one bringing this subject up Abraham wants I was simply answering his questions got already has the answer to every question fully delineated out he has all knowledge all at once so for example on got asked Adam in the garden where are you did God not know we're Adam wants know he knew where US God was asking for Adams response I was waiting for Adams response daughter already knew where Adam God was provoking him so to speak to make a response I'm because God wants you to act I'm not once you make response Abraham was bidding and I allow that to continue the income of because he was allowing him to make response to what was going on sorry shoes worry about lot use worry about righteous people she was worried about the honor God can take care of his own honor but somebody's rights has no be concerned with honor got should be East ohm by the way lack of lack of information is a misinformation different which because he said 40 at first work thirty in tourney that lack of the information is not misinformation I might say to my wife I’m going ,

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God why so but the and time in Nyapari NT
planters you're a good question you know the question was why would God let that happen I mean ...
Guys coming down get off alright in Nyabing WA
:// Guys coming down get off alright, best seplement, Nyabing, WA ...
I mean I'm here because in Nyah West VIC
/ I mean I'm here because, best seplement, Nyah West, VIC ...