13 Quindus Street, Beenleigh, QLD 4207

Supagas has a wide range of gas and gas related products such as LP gas (liquid propane gas) for forklifts, heating and domestic purposes; Industrial gases such as Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Compressed air, Argon, CO2 and welding gas blends namely Supashield. Supagas also services the hospitality market by offering food grade CO2 (carbon Dioxide), Helium (also known as balloon gas), Supamix gases and Nitrogen. During the cold winter period, Supagas offers heater gas and gas heaters for the hospitality and commercial industry. These are available for rent or buy and Supagas will even store your heaters for you! Supagas also has a range of domestic heaters and heater gas. What more could you ask for from a gas provider?