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That are playing this table games yeah I don’t know I'm not a clinician I don't help anybody I just a yet I'm just a scientist who does research but we recently did really cool experiment was just up actually hasn't been published yet and violent video games like Grand Theft Auto encourage players to exercising no control 1/2 sacks no problem was still car KT want to kill somebody go ahead police officer big deal right they are there's no exercise self-control in these games so what we did in this study is we wanted to go beyond aggression and examine other forms of poor self-control so we had a these were high school kids they played a violent or non-violent video game a grand theft auto: for 20 minutes and we had a jarred big bowl Eminem's right by the computer and wells a huge quantity but they didn't know that we measure exactly how much weight before they play and how much weight after they played and violent game players 8 three times more the non-violent game players and then we had a drawing for really cool things like iPod’s and we said I'll to make it fair to have to take a test and for every I did you get right you get one ticket for the raffle forth school iPod and iPod and so we knew exactly how many they got right we came a big gamble o with that on a ticket sane they did not know we knew exactly how many tickets were in not unblock so I said just take the number ticket you learned right and a so we know how many they got right we know how many they should have took and we know how many they did take and violent game players took eight times more tickets that they can use for raffle to get cool prizes like an iPod so I would say that violent video games discourage self control and one of the top two the top two predictors of success in life for intelligence and self control and people like Walter Michelle attend the studies where they put a marshmallow in front of kid and they say by you can eat this marginal now if you want but if you wait till I come back you can have to and kids who wait day like they're more likely bill college they have better-paying jobs like years later decades later they they're much more likely to be successful in life the kids just like eat.

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