How to Gain Muscle Fast

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What I want guy say you got a star changing him I said I'm-gonna help you do that right now because there's four ways that this translates into the gym indoor workouts in everything we do. that's what keeps us living a life hard you know it doesn't have to be the case is caring about how you look that is the number one mistake I got to t-rex muscle make as a hardware caring about how you looks much so that other show you to exercise is here that we've covered in the past my channel certain guys will refrain from display all the sciences what I've shown you why their superior people will refrain from them because you're scared about how to look performing their indigent and that'll stand out so let me show you what this one is right here the star triceps pushdown variation I showed you this video how when we dote exercise in this manner with a slight tweak that we can change the Stryker actually have recesses other muscle that we ‘retrying to hit throughout the range of motion as opposed to a traditional push down we’re eliminating we're actually coming at all halfway or this variation I'll cable crossover I we have a traditional came across all we've got this 3d chess crossover were unable to incorporate in work muscle together form work together I still got to major affect on Themistocles Arafat I can lift more because a the assistant at the apt allows the chest to overload even easier but people won't do it because they’re afraid that they're going to look weird or standout and my question is what are you there for the first place that pitted were standout the guys I work with don’t want it fitted my practice want to stand out in everything they do they want to be better than everybody else they want to be the best at what they do and I encourage your hardware to what the standout okay trust then we could do it yea waste handout for those thirty-seconds forty-five seconds admitted that you do not exercise god forbid you reports that is 34 minutes well t-rex muscle what do you look like how's that going to change you overtime you stay committed to it your community your own inevitability that schematic I that freedom not fall victim to the hard gainers stay here nothing Giselle actually spend extra time a genuine done forty minutes 30 minutes because they're afraid that that girl the front counter might see walking out 30 minutes out who came in surely they can talk is so easy on South lower wet the little bang away from for working out work system fill some extra time I was just for it trial even earlier.

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