Leo M. Bean And Sons Funeral Home

2771 Chili Avenue, Rochester, NY 14624

For more than four decades, the Rochester, New York, area has trusted their funeral and cremation services to Leo M. Bean and Sons Funeral Home. Family owned and operated, this local business performs funeral services of any faith or belief system and embraces all clients as members of the family. Leo M. Bean And Sons also offers funeral and memorial service advanced planning, as well as a wide selection of caskets, urns and vaults.Leo M. Bean established the funeral home that bears his name over 40 years ago. As the years have passed, the business has become a family affair of the highest order. His sons Bryan, David and Stephen are also licensed funeral directors and, like their father, are proud to serve the Rochester community and its environs.The Bean family understands that funeral cost, as well as cremation cost, are typically of concern to grieving loved ones. Their pricing structure is affordable, and they are happy to work with you to create the ideal service that fits within your means. The Beans know that cost should be no barrier to a respectful farewell.At Leo M. Bean And Sons Funeral Home you have several options from which to choose. There is always a traditional funeral service---though the exact definition of “traditional” has changed somewhat over the years to accommodate different belief systems and personal preferences. There is typically a wake or visitation before the service itself, then the service held either at the funeral home or a place of spiritual practice, and finally a cemetery burial.You can also choose a memorial service, which is conducted without the deceased in the room. This can be performed after one has already been buried or cremated and can really be held at any location the loved ones choose. The funeral home also offers full cremation servicesLeo M. Bean And Sons Funeral Home is committed to ensuring each service is tailor-made and unique to the departed party. Their care and compassion have made them the most respected funeral home in the region. Call (585) 426-7830 today or visit theirwebsite for more information.