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zane ali

For teens and young adults I don't believe anyone means to overdose they're sick and need help I how did you feel when you saw your brother Aaron starting the party as much as you did on I mean the first thing that comes to mind is that and I love you and I'm and I'm want you to as the big brother to sorter look at me and not go to the things that that I've gone through you said growing up fear was a parser everyday life while why was there and it was just the way my household was with my father I'm you know he was a I'm dominating personality I'm and I think that that’s something that carried over later on in my adulthood as well I'm you know feet lead by fear and I don’t don't agree with that at all I feel like you have to and lead with love OK they were there were five children 30 them welder involved with drugs why do you think that is you know you can I mean the reality of the situation is that it where we come from in you know what we've been exposed to I think really and creates who you are in some ways that doesn't mean you have to be that person the rest of your life but obviously Safer Colon I think it’s time from my house on so people know and I'll give you this book I'm not going to give away too much of this book because it is a must read and you want your kids to read this book trust me but in the book you talk about a quote but neither the zombies talk about a week ago well and moving at the Lois Angel's I you know when left for certain in the business with the guys jumped right into the party scene it’s dangerous but when you're vulnerable and you're looking for love you and also Dole a misery loves company you know you kind of fall into it inside fell into that party scene pretty hard Ian II and Lois Angel's how it went yeah and there was a point where you looked up and it was like my god what's happening here.

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