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How to Prolong Food Shelf Life  The overall integrity of the food product, including its structural stability and resistance to physical damage, can impact its shelf life. For example, fragile food items may become crushed or broken, leading to accelerated spoilage or quality deterioration. Packaging Materials: The choice of packaging materials can significantly influence the shelf life of food. Different types of packaging, such as glass, metal, plastic, or composite materials, have varying permeability to gases and moisture. Selecting appropriate packaging materials that provide a barrier against oxygen, moisture, and light can help extend the shelf life of food. Storage Location: The physical location where food is stored can impact its shelf life. Factors such as proximity to heat sources, exposure to direct sunlight, and ambient temperature fluctuations can accelerate spoilage or degradation. Storing food in cool, dry, and well-ventilated areas can help prolong shelf life. Traceability and Date Labeling: Maintaining accurate traceability records and applying proper date labeling on food products are essential for managing shelf life. Clear and accurate date labeling allows consumers and retailers to identify products that are approaching their expiration dates, reducing the risk of consuming expired food items. Quality Control: Implementing robust quality control measures throughout the production, processing, and distribution stages is crucial for maintaining the shelf life of food.

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