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LTG GoldRock has helped over 3,000 ordinary mums, dads to start the financial step up to changing their financial future for the better.

The currency market could potentially help you achieve financial freedom and self-sufficiency, rather than relying on others, who often take fees from your hard earned dollars, to invest your money for you.

LTG GoldRock is a boutique education and support service that guides people from starting out to becoming master Forex traders over time.

Recognised as the leading Forex Education company in Australia by the Australian Government Banking & Finance Awards in 2013.

4.00 out of 5 from 1 reviews
rating 4/5 Date: 18/05/2014
In some respects the education is quite daunting. Only ever having traded shares before with the regular dividend, franking credits and the long time frame i have no problem with stock selection and timing. With FOREX you have fundamentals, wave trends, divergence, support and resistance, fibs and the list goes on. I realized after watching nearly all the training recordings from the learning center to the Master class dvd and each night listening into the trading room, i was suffering from to much to soon and trying to implement systems without fully understanding the process.I was in to much of a hurry. I find FOREX trading exciting being able to go through the process of selection and the reward outweighing the loss. The reward/loss are more visual and the time frame is much shorter than shares. With shares you can recoup loss with franking and div along with sell for capital loss/gain. Anytime i have emailed support the response has been a lot quicker the expected and all questions were answered, i normally don't ring because i don't want to be a pest i believe the support team would be very busy. So my issues can wait for my turn (that's just my nature). I enjoy the training room. I try to pick up as much as possible Laz is very good he obviously has a great knowledge of the systems and with large audience and tries to answer all the questions. Sometimes i feel like a grade 1 listening in on grade 7 lesson, but he generally knows who he is talking to and their level understanding and answers to that level. I have set goals, been trading the demo account 4 wins and 4 losses to date. Also only done 1 live trade still active still showing a win. I would of liked to have had a 1 on 1 face to face a little earlier in the process which is more of a confidence thing for myself. At the end of the day SUCCESS IS PREPARATION MEETING OPPORTUNITY so i am focusing on preparation and the opportunities will present themselves. I know i waffled on a bit but if there is anything above you can use i hope it helps Cheers Hugh

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