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Ingredients we chose tout in and Ouster all were concentrated forms a testosterone and Elijah Cassia okay that takes care of the first two problems hormonal inversions and cancer let's move on to problem number three the third cause a prostate problems is zinc deficiency a sick deficiency not only causes the prostate to operate less effectively it can also cause it to enlarge different organs in the body have different requirements for elements and for the prostate zinc is required it may sound strange that some organs need more of one element that another but you already know are the most common example it's called greater while the younger generation may not be as familiar NO2 Extreme Surge with this the older generation will be greater is an enlargement of the thyroid gland in the neck due to insufficient iodine in the diet iodine is a heavy element and rain typically washes it out of mountain the soil into the rivers and eventually into these people living near the ocean to eat fishnet all the iodine a need by people who live in the mountains often become iodine deficient and can develop greater of course this isn't seen much anymore in developed countries where I Diane is added to table salt butt demonstrates the point individual organs or glands have specific mineral requirements and when they don't get what they need. 

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