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Study Certificate & Diploma courses in Training & Assessment, OHS, Child Care, Aged Care, Disability Work, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Project Management, Business Admin, HR or Management with Inspire.

2.96 out of 5 from 100 reviews
rating 1/5 Date: 06/06/2022
Very interesting to see that almost all good reviews start their review with same words. Seems suspicious to me
rating 1/5 Date: 18/05/2020
Would rather poke my eye out with a blunt stick than complete training with these guys again, it would also be cheaper!
rating 1/5 Date: 18/05/2020
Currently completing Cert IV TAE upgrade, this is easily the most frustrating course I have ever done. Training materials are beyond bad, repetitive questions throughout the workbooks, the workbooks are confusing and they totally disregard evidence,they are more concerned about passing Audit then educational outcomes. I am contacting Training Services to make a complaint
rating 1/5 Date: 29/09/2019
I am doing certificate III in individual support. I am being struggling for my placement for 6 to 8 months for one subject in placement and now they are saying that I cant get the certificate till its being checked I don't know how much more time you need to just check the signature because papers are already checked before as well. I have been tortured by them would not suggest to anyone now.
rating 1/5 Date: 25/08/2019
Scam. Inspire were done for FRAUD last year. I don't know how they're still operating! Beware!
rating 1/5 Date: 21/05/2019
Hi there i am doing cert 3 in disability with inspire and having a nightmare there are very bad i will never recommend anyone to do any course with them i need help with placement documents if anyone has done it before please 0406420922 Please please i have no option 2
rating 3/5 Date: 28/02/2019
Has anyone in the past six months started/completed Diploma of Community Services, Specialising in Case Management??????
rating 1/5 Date: 29/01/2019
Same feedback as others - terrible service, will not contact you, lost my Portfolios, you will never finish, All they want to do is sell you extensions. I have cut my losses and going elsewhere. After their sales team catches you - its all downhill. Overseas assessors, never the same person assesses your submissions. By the time they assess your submission, you receive an automated email advising "course has expired" Don't go near them!!
rating 1/5 Date: 10/12/2018
worst institution never meet, don't care student, no reply to call, no helping student. when you call for assistant , they said can open the file, but the result you received (after 3 weeks) was marked as "UNREADABLE" , unbelievable!!! and if you have any questions about the assessment, trainer told you answer A, but trainer B mark your assessment. You never can get pass......when you call for inquire or complain, no one answer....
rating 1/5 Date: 13/11/2018
This company do not care, they take your money and then don't support you. I took this course to complete quickly and so far I have spend more time complaining and all I want to do is complete the course. I wish they would help me and call me back
rating 1/5 Date: 12/11/2018
Absolutely appalling, I have studied with them before but now its terrible. It looks like their trainers or support people are offshore and not very well educated. Assessments are filled with unnecesary forms for each unit of currency so there are forms after forms and these are not the assessments. You need to book a support call its takes days to get an appointment and they they don't call so you have to book another one. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY>>>>!
rating 1/5 Date: 02/10/2018
As above, enrolled for an online of Cert III Education support. (Whilst concurrently doing Cert III in another field.) Has to be the worst vocational placement assessments ever! I've studied at TAFE and tertiary levels many times & never have I felt this stressed and overwhelmed. The assessments for placement are the most repetitive, ridiculous assessments you have ever seen. After struggling to get through the 300 page workbook and it's tedious 8 portfolios, I've given up. Great to see I'm not the only one with all these other reviews. Surely the good reviews are paid ones? I requested a Statement of Attainment so I could Credit Transfer to a local Tafe to complete my course. But of course, their units are in Clusters, so you can never 'attain' any subjects until everything is complete and you are certified! How very convenient. So I have to start from scratch and pay out again. So much for a National Accreditation. The worst RTO I've ever had the displeasure of studying with. Am convinced that their business model is to suck people in with cheap pricing, then they pay extra to extend their learning time because it is simply not achievable. Guaranteed many drop outs in this course. But, what does it matter? They get their money upfront, with no obligation to see you succeed. Having said that, some of the staff seem genuinely lovely, but whoever wrote their assessments to meet competencies need serious review of their own competencies. $1000- down the drain, but the worst is all that time I've missed being with my family because I thought I was doing the right thing to work in a career that afforded me the school holidays to be home with my children. Inspire- you have wasted 12 months of mine and my family's life.
rating 1/5 Date: 30/08/2018
This business should be shut down. It's intention is not to Educate its to take peoples money and ensure content has information for auditing purposes. They do not mark assessments intentionally delaying for further monetary gain. Don't know where to start, Iv lost 1500$ for trying to save some money I wish I looked up the business review earlier. The score appeared 3 stars so I thought it would be OK but I can see its boosted by the Philippines return replies. I'm enrolled with Inspire education but by no means will I ever finish with these people its more like a scam then any education for Australian people. Inspire Education you people should be ashamed. Don't bother replying and trying to boost that low score. I'm sure you will be audited and shut down soon its just unethical at this point as I can see.
rating 1/5 Date: 10/08/2018
DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, Commenced TAE upgrade in Sept 2018 and nothing but trouble from the outset. Up to 3 months to mark assignments and and minimal if any contact upon request. Hub useless and trainers in the Phillipines. Website states that they are in Brisbane and turns out to be a small business office as I had a friend check it out by visiting.Request a trainer call and always takes weeks to respond, Tried to get answers RUDE response. To top it off they lost assignments and accused me of not sending them, then "found" them and said they were incomplete NO blank ????? Sure I always send in blank assignments. OK new hub "Promise all good" opposite I had to resubmit. Luckily everything saved and resubmitted. I then received acknowledgement Course Complete. That was 3 months ago and I still havent received my qualification.I've left messages on the hub No Response I've emailed directly No Response I've left several phone messages No Response. I am an independent contractor with a very understanding group of training organisations but they are becoming a tad nervous as well. I've contacted ASQA and the fair work Ombudsman and I'm awaiting a response. HOW CAN THEY ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE. I've lost all faith in the regulators as I've read review after review complaining about Inspired.
rating 1/5 Date: 02/03/2018
My experience with Inspire was incredibly awful; their training materials were indescribably appalling. Worse still they shortened the time I had available to do the course just a few weeks after I enrolled because they were discontinuing it. They imposed an early deadline on the assessment submissions but, despite me meeting their deadline, they took so long to mark my work that their own course expired in the meantime, so they told me that I couldn't get the qualification I had paid for. It took quite some time and hassle to get them to agree to mark my work and issue the certificate. I had to go to Fair Trading and ASQA. I received my qualification eventually, 5 months ago. Today, out of the blue, I received an automated email from their system telling me they have marked my assessment submissions, a full 6 months since I submitted them and months after receiving my certificate. Thanks, Inspire, your incompetence is truly inspiring.
rating 1/5 Date: 23/02/2018
DO NOT USE! It took them 16 week to verify my previous certificate...the upgrade course was 12 weeks. They do not know their own douments. The RPL "expert" tried to tell me that the Third Party Report ( for which she sent me the link), had 8-9 pages when in fact it only had 6. Then she tried to tell me I was missing information...information that was already in the document I submitted so I had to direct her to the appropriate pages. All this was not done through direct communication with her but through an Admin staff member.Very frustrating! After I submitted all my assessments they removed my assessment submission section from my HUB. So, when I had to "resubmit" work, my only way was via e- mail, each time asking to forward work to appropriate Assessors; asked for confirmation (which I received); and ask them to amend my HUB. After 3 weeks I requested an update on the status of my resubmissions, only to be told by one of the Assessors that nothing was received. I then e-mailed the assessor with full details of submissions and asked that the Assessors deal with this issue directly with me, not via the Admin staff. I then called and asked to speak to the Assessor only to be told that they had left for the day (1520 QLD time); I then requested to speak to a manager only to be told that they are in a meeting. After being told that a manager will call me within 24-48 hrs, I insisted that the manger call me on the same day as from previous experience, messages are not responded to within 24-48hrs, as they claim. Needless to say it is now over 48hrs and I have not had a response to my e-mail to the Assessor or a call from mamagement! If I was marking Inspire Education's performance then, I would grade them "NOT YET COMPETENT".
rating 1/5 Date: 01/11/2017
Can someone tell me how i can contact inspire education? I completed my TAE and no certificate upto date? The 1800 number does not go through. I am at my wits end. Agrrrh! All i want is ny certificate so that i can get a job.
rating 1/5 Date: 31/10/2017
If they had negative stars for this, there wouldn't be enough. This RTO is less than inspiring. Workbooks are in excess of 100 pages and your answers need to be essays. I am halfway through workbook 4 and and i just received my first two workbooks back from being marked, 6 weeks after submitting!!!. I am university educated and have two diplomas in which i majored first in the state for. To my surprise, i had been told i had to resubmit some questions. This was total crap!!! I have had my work checked over by a Phd qualified university lecturer and marker. My work was basically too involved and intellectual for them and when i sent back my resubmitted answers i had a return email stating that other answers were wrong. Answers that were in fact marked correct previously. The content is a joke and the only people you talk to are those who cant speak english. Be aware that most observers for your assessments wont want to be involved or put their names to your work when they find out this RTO is marking you. And work at your own pace my arse! Every course is superseded straight after you start... a money grab... i think so.
rating 1/5 Date: 20/09/2017
Can you give minus stars on the rating here??? Where to start with this sad excuse for an education provider. In all honesty they should have their RTO status revoked. TAE Cert IV. The learning material is full of spelling mistakes and questions that don't make sense, it took them 3 months to grade my first submission and still waiting for the rest to be completed. If you ever call the 1300 number provided by them you speak to someone in the Philippines who tells you everything you want to hear, and then nothing happens. I have made an official complaint to NSW fair trade but Inspire Education never returned their call, so now I have had to waste more of my time taking them to the fair trade tribunal for a full refund. If there are any positive reviews of this company on here I'd say they were written by Inspire Education. They are rubbish FYI To give you an example of the time it has taken... I have completed the course through another provider, and inspire still hasn't marked my worked
rating 2/5 Date: 26/05/2017
Don't bother. I have graduated with a post graduate degree at university. Never had a problem with any institute before.They take so long to respond/mark your assessments, lose your work, had to re-submit, don't believe what my face-to-face trainer said to me,'cause they left the organisation etc. I'm sure all the marking is done in the Phillipines. I went through inspire because the course was cheap and should be quick to finish. Little did I know that it take up to aweek to speak to a trainer and up to 6 weeks for your work to get marked. It's more beneficial to pay extra to go to Tafe or another RTO and have your work and questions answered quicker. Certainly would be less stressful. At least I got my certificate; won't be doing another course through them though.
rating 5/5 Date: 05/03/2017
Just Finished studying Cert iv training and assessing 6 month online course and had a great time learning new things. the whole process was easy to follow with help at hand if I got stuck. I highly recommend Inspire education.
rating 1/5 Date: 06/02/2017
Currently 5 months into Cert III Ed Support. Really wished id researched Inspire before signing up. It's disorganized, WAY more complicated than a teachers aide job actually requires and the training manual is enormous and just covers stuff you've already done in the workbooks. Massive Regrets!
rating 5/5 Date: 20/01/2017
I have just completed my Cert lV in Bookkeeping with Inspire. I had supportive trainers and found Student Services polite and informative. On Line learning can be a bit daunting at first but with the support I received and once familiar with the portal I found it very user friendly. I highly recommend Inspire for this course it was very comprehensive.
rating 3/5 Date: 02/01/2017
I completed my cert III and diploma of children services throught inspire. They were most definatly the most cost effective to go throught and I didnt have to do voluntary placement (used my current workplace). Assesments can sometimes take a really long time to come back. All in all an ok experience as long as u are good at self motivating your own studies! They do provide ample opertunities for assistance, but it is primarily throught correspondence.
rating 1/5 Date: 02/01/2017
NEW YEAR WARNING! I have been disappointed with this course provider. I enrolled in the Certificate III Education Support recently, a new course. The theory content was grammatically incorrect and complicated to follow. Some components; professional teachers and school staff have told me, simply do not apply to the real job, like being responsible for organizing fire evacuations. I was also posted an extremely hefty workbook for Prac with a HUGE number of boxes to be ticked and commented on. These were often repeated and half way through I found I was supposed to do weekly reviews for 6 weeks full time work on top of confusing instructions for each section. I simply do not have the time as I run a large family. There was no mention of 'full time', just 'self- paced' learning, so I presumed a few days/ wk for prac. Communication has been terrible.They only allow phone contact certain times of the week. Also the staffer responsible for marking my work, who apparently wrote the course content, left shortly after I started the course. I supposed I should have asked lots of questions before handing over my money.
rating 1/5 Date: 29/11/2016
DO NOT USE - COURSE FULL OF "TYPOS" AND ERRORS, STUDENT SUPPORT IS NON EXISTENT Began a Bookkeeping course only to be informed it had typos, after waiting weeks to get responses from trainers and assessors I was told my answers were incorrect as there was a typo in my course so I had to re calculate everything so it matched their answers. Next course had errors also to which I requested a refund as I couldn't wait weeks for a response to every error I found... Refused to offer full refund, currently taking legal action to recover my $500+ they still owe me because of the cheap and nasty service they offer.
rating 4/5 Date: 21/11/2016
Completed a 6 month blended face-to-face and online course. Fantastic and knowledgeable trainers who helped at every step of the way. Any question I posed on The Hub was answered quickly and could book a phone call if I ever needed to speak to someone. My only feedback would be that turnaround time on assessments was slow; 6-8 weeks
rating 5/5 Date: 14/11/2016
Completed the course in a third of the time: TAA40104 to TAE40110 Upgrade + TAELLN411 Unit. Recommend Inspire Education for easy learning techniques.
rating 4/5 Date: 18/10/2016
I completed my Cert IV in Work Health and Safety through the 6 month online self paced delivery. The self paced delivery allowed me to complete my course content when I had time to do so, and as I am often working away I was able to complete it anywhere I was. Already working within the safety management field I had some experience however I found the course content to be up to date, challenging and relevant. The online delivery system was easy to use and the support from the lecturers and assessors was excellent. I would recommend inspire to other considering this course.
rating 5/5 Date: 21/09/2016
I completed my course with Inspire a few months ago, although it took abit of time to get results and the final marks/qual. I really enjoyed studying with inspire, great promotions on qualifications, no-one harassing you/deadlines, extend without explaining why or having to speak to someone. And if I was ever stuck my trainers responded almost straight away. I love the flexibility within Inspire.
rating 1/5 Date: 31/08/2016
Doing Cert IV in bookkeeping with Inspire, went with them as they were what I paid for. I doubt I will finish this course with Inspire I don't think I am supposed to Long delays in marking, poor feedback on courses I have asked for a transcript to show where I am up to but haven't seen it yet (2Days). Terrible
rating 5/5 Date: 26/08/2016
I attended this college for cert 3 in children services . It was a good experience with this institution but sometimes they are not according to me . They gave result within 2-3 months and it's too late , I think . In other way , it was brilliant services .
rating 5/5 Date: 20/07/2016
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 19/07/2016). We understand that your course is taking longer than you you expected, but please feel free to take advantage of the different ways to get support available to you as a student. If you want an update or need any kind of help at all in your course, don't hesitate to send your trainer a direct message through the messaging service on the student portal. These are checked every weekday so you can expect an anwer within a day or two. You can also schedule a call with your trainer since we also have dedicated call times every weekday to assist students with their concerns. You can also give us a ring at 1800 506 509 and our support team will be there to take your call and answer your questions. These are all free for you as our student so please feel free to contact us anytime for help.
rating 5/5 Date: 20/07/2016
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 11/07/2016). We're sorry that you weren't completely satisfied with your course. This is really unfortunate because our support team typically responds to messages and answers concerns within a day or two and are open for calls 5 days a week. Your feedback has been passed on to them so that they can investigate what happened and improve our support services even further. We also recently upgraded the online student portal to make it even easier for students to check their assessments so that these will be better managed moving forward. Thanks again for your feedback, Anonymous. Please feel free to send us a message at if you wish to discuss anything further.
rating 1/5 Date: 19/07/2016
I am currently studying with Inspire and it is a truly bad experience. The marking of the work is a disgrace with major delays. There is no one to assist me with my course and the general standard is very bad.
rating 1/5 Date: 11/07/2016
Bad customer service. Took a very long time to mark assessments. They couldn't find some of the assessments I submitted and although sometimes I received a acknowledgement, afterwards they said they were still waiting to receive it. Sent me messages which were confusing and messed up. Told me I had to do work when I had already received RPL for it. I've now finished and have received the certificate, yet online it still says I'm 'not yet competent'. Finally I lodged a complaint and then they marked my work in 2 days, and another re-submission in 2 hours. I compared my Cert IV in Training and Assessment with a friend doing the same course with another provider and Inspire's was soooooooo much more confusing and convoluted.
rating 5/5 Date: 21/06/2016
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 04/05/2016). We are sincerely sorry that your course was not what you expected. The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is a nationally accredited qualification and we are required to follow the same set of national standards as other RTOs when it comes to assessing submissions. We acknowledge that this can take some effort to complete so we allow students to make an unlimited number of resubmissions until they get it right. To help our students out, our trainers give feedback everytime a resubmission is needed to help you improve your answer. There are also dedicated call times each week so that trainers can provide support to any student who needs it and answer any questions they may have. We are also already working on shortening assessment turnarounds so that students won't have to wait an extended amount of time before receiving their results.
rating 5/5 Date: 21/06/2016
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 12/06/2016). We apologise that you didn't receive a prompt response to your email. Our trainers and support team respond to messages and contact students who request support almost everyday so we will investigate why you weren't responded to sooner. Please feel free to give us a call at 1800 506 509 to let us know to what email you sent your messages to so we can see what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again in the future. Many of our courses also have simulated workplaces which are designed to help our students who curretnly don't have access to a workplace. This way, you can complete your course even if you are not employed. If you need any assistance at all in accessing the simulated workplace or any other course resources, simply contact us at the number above and we will help you out ASAP.
rating 1/5 Date: 12/06/2016
Currently enrolled. They won't answer emails, delete comments made on facebook when trying to find out who I can contact to lodge a complaint. Wouldn't recommend this school I wish I could get the money back and start somewhere else. Study material poor and appears outdated all catered for people who are already in the profession and not those wanting to enter profession.
rating 1/5 Date: 04/05/2016
I have a B.A. and I found the Childcare Certificate III course tedious, frustrating, confusing and repetitive. My husband has a Ph.D and helped me on a resubmit on module 1 three times before we could both figure out what the question was asking. Most of my work was picked apart. There are so many grammatical errors, whole chunks of text just trail off... This is more than a year's worth of work at university. On the bright side I liked some of the material. I did learn things. I just wonder if the last three modules (one resubmit) will ever come back. They have been out longer than 6 weeks and they have no answers. I hope this helps someone else make a better choice.
rating 5/5 Date: 23/04/2016
I completed my TAE40110 course through Inspire Education in April 2016 and I couldn't have found a better RTO to gain my qualification through. Along every step of the way the wonderful Trainers and Admin staff answered my questions, guided me and supported me. The resources are fabulous, the videos are so valuable and the webinars were really helpful. Even the forums provide a great place to find information and to ask questions. Studying online through Inspire Education was perfect for me as I work full time, so being able to do it online in my own time was just right!
rating 4/5 Date: 22/04/2016
I studied the Cert IV in Training and Assessment using the online only option. I started in December and had everything done by mid April. A good, comprehensive course that is definitely better suited to self motivated people! Great support from teachers!
rating 4/5 Date: 13/04/2016
Course done , I feel very confident and well prepared to handle any work related Safety issue. Teacher was great . support was good
rating 5/5 Date: 10/04/2016
I recently gained my Cert IV TAE40110 through Inspire Education, I did the two week face to face with our trainer being James a most knowledgeable and able trainer. I found the two weeks to be challenging and informative and I felt the I gained a great deal of knowledge and practical skills during these two weeks. Getting feedback from people doing the course with you I found was often an informed critique of your presentation most of which on reflection I found to be most beneficial. Text Books and Support both excellent and easy to work through. Would I recommend Inspire to friends and family? Most definitely
rating 5/5 Date: 29/03/2016
I just completed my Cert III course on childhood education and care. The course was organized in a nice way. There for sufficient material to help the students. The staffs were very helpful. I am a busy mom of two young kids but I did not face any difficulty to finish it in time. I would recommend this if you are thinking of a career in childcare
rating 3/5 Date: 11/03/2016
I recently completed my Cert IV in Training & Assessment. One week was face to face and the rest was finished online. The trainer, Richard was brilliant during the week and even afterwards with and any raised concerns. The admin staff were very efficient when I called up. Was annoyed that I had to change my password on 3 occasions has it kept expiring for some reason, when I then tried to create a new password not once did ever happen ,I had to call up the admin team. Had 3 different people to mark my work, all gave good feedback but it seemed a long time to get it back and any further submissions were then put to the bottom of the pile. Surely one person should mark each persons submissions. What I have learnt will be helpful in my career advancement. This was the first training organisation that I have studied with, so didn't know what to expect, with some tweaking these issues could be ironed out. Would probably with these guys again and recommend them.
rating 5/5 Date: 09/03/2016
I recently completed a Cert IV in Training and Assessment with Inspire. I found it to be a great course with clear instructions and processes. The training support was great and very efficient. I would recommend Inspire for anyone wanting to choose a course to study.
rating 5/5 Date: 08/03/2016
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 03/03/2015). We're really sorry that you felt your study experience was not what you hoped for. Resubmissions can take time, but they are necessary to maintain the quality of the qualification you studied. All Inspire Education courses are nationally accredited so we have to assess each student based on the standard set of industry guidelines all training organisations follow. When students have to resubmit their work, we always include comments and feedback from their trainer to let them know what they need to be marked as competent. In most cases, extensions or upgrades aren't needed, but we are already working on shortening the assessment time so that you can get your trainers' input and complete your course even sooner. We are always looking to improve our services so we take feedback like this very seriously. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how your course went. Please feel free to send us a message if you'd like to discuss this further at
rating 1/5 Date: 03/03/2016
No matter how many times you resubmit written assessments or practical exercises, there is always a reason to resubmit after waiting 6 weeks for a result. It's designed to sell you extensions or upgrades to fast-track at great expense. You will learn nothing from video lectures and if you have time to join Webinars or call a trainer during business hours then you shouldn't be doing an online course. It's suspicious how they get so many positive reviews because it's designed to fail.
rating 5/5 Date: 22/02/2016
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 12/12/2015). We apologise that your course didn't meet your expectations and we want to thank you for sharing this feedback with us. Inspire Education is a registered training organisation and our expertise is delivering nationally accredited courses. We help our students start or advance their careers by giving them the best training available, but we cannot guarantee employment for all of them since we are focused on training instead of recruiting for businesses. We do provide assistance for work placement if your course includes vocational hours by coordinating with your chosen venue to make sure they can fulfill the requirements of your course, but you still have the freedom to choose where you want to go. I hope that this clears things up. If you want to discuss this further, please send us a message at Thank you again for your feedback!
rating 5/5 Date: 19/02/2016
I had a great experience with Inspire. I enrolled in the Training and Assessment certificate 6 month online course. I really enjoyed the self paced learning plan. I didn't ever feel pressured and had wonderful support and positive feedback from not only the trainers but also the Admin staff. I would definitely recommend to everyone. Thanks again guys!
rating 1/5 Date: 17/02/2016
Do not consider inspire education as your dream course provider please to save your time and money, think twice and twice before you hand out your money to them, once you pay your fee all secret rules appeared from student book. they don't have ability to refer you for work placement as well as future job reference, its not professional education provider its just money making shop. think twice before you enrolled even similar business in market, i have spend time money and got nothing, they are not school they are business, they know only money not knowledge.
rating 5/5 Date: 15/12/2015
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 12/12/2015), we're sorry that you weren't totally satisfied with your course. Thank you for giving us your feedback on how your experience could've been better. Inspire Education's Cert IV TAE course follows the same national standards when it comes to assessing students. Being allowed to resubmit course assignments until you receive a competent grade is a characteristic of vocational education and training courses, which can be very different from bachelor degrees. Non-VET qualifications may have a different focus when it comes to the skills taught so all students will only be marked competent after they meet the requirements of each unit. To help you out, you will always receive feedback from your trainers on how you can improve. This includes asking questions and giving comments so that you can refine your answers and improve your submissions. All these make sure that all course graduates are proficient in the specific set of essential skills for their industry no matter where they are in Australia. We take feedback like yours very seriously and we are already working to improve the services you mentioned by getting additional qualified assessors to improve our marking time during peak periods like this current season. Your trainers will also help you progress through your course by guiding you in completing other requirements while your current submissions are being assessed. Please feel free to call us up at 1800 506 509 to arrange this with your trainer or if you have more feedback for us. Thank you again for sharing your comments and we will make sure to give you a better experience moving forward.
rating 2/5 Date: 12/12/2015
I am beginning to wonder about all this as all what the students have written are so true about this company. Re submitting work has become a joke now at inspire education. I'm very unhappy with the cert 4 training and assessment course. I have done a bachelor in early childhood and never have I resubmitted my work!!! Also have to wait to remark them for more than six weeks and different trainers come up with more comments for questions. They don't know what they are doing... Joke!!!!!
rating 5/5 Date: 25/11/2015
Thanks Inspire Education you made the journey in completing my Diploma in WHS very enjoyable, flexible and worthwhile.. I can't wait to use my new found skills in my workplace.
rating 5/5 Date: 19/10/2015
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 21/09/2015), thank you for your feedback. We're sorry you weren't completely happy with our course. Report writing is part of the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety because it is one of the competencies required by the course itself. All RTOs and TAFEs actually follow the same assessment requirements that are determined by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC). This is an independent, industry-led, not for profit company funded by Government that is responsible for the skill development and workplace planning needs of the industries they represent, including Work Health Safety. We're constantly improving our course to make it easier to follow for students, but we must always comply with the CSHISC. Their standards dictate what should be included in the course and you'll find that other RTOs and TAFEs have similar course requirements. Bachelor degrees often have completely different learning outcomes so we have to make sure that you have the specific skills and knowledge expected out of holders of the Cert IV WHS. Degrees may be more advanced or even require more study than the Cert IV WHS, but the main concern is they often don't teach the exact same set of skills. Most of our course graduates are able to gain their qualification before their course ends, but in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as severe illness, we offer free course extensions when evidence like medical certificates are sent. For regular extensions, we do charge a fee that is used to cover the extra time and support of our trainers who will continue to assist you until you complete the course instead of focusing on other students. We'd love to get more details about your experience with extending your course, Our WHS assessment marking timeframes have been less than 2 weeks all year, one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, so we'd like to investigate if you were experiencing longer waits. Please contact us on 1800 506 509 so we can get to the bottom of it and also listen to any additional feedback you may have so we can improve the course further. Thanks again for your comments.
rating 5/5 Date: 19/10/2015
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 23/09/2015), thank you for your feedback. We're sorry that you weren't completely happy with your course. May we ask what specific Certificate III course you took so we can improve it even further? The timeframes for assessing and marking your submissions varies depending on your course. It would be great to get more details from you so we can investigate if you were experiencing longer wait times than usual. Please contact us on 1800 506 509 with the name of your course and we'll get to the bottom of it. Our Certificate III courses all have a duration of 12 months which is based on the national standards set by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). All our courses comply with the AQF requirement that cert III courses should have a volume of learning of 1200-1400 hours good for 1-2 years. Most of our course graduates are able to gain their qualification before their course ends, but in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as severe illness, we offer free course extensions when evidence like medical certificates are sent. For regular extensions, we do charge a fee that is used to cover the extra time and support of our trainers who will continue to assist you until you complete the course requirements instead of focusing on other students. Our course materials are actually based on the training standards set by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC). This is an independent, industry-led, not for profit company funded by Government. They are responsible for identifying and responding to the skill development and workplace planning needs of the industries they represent, including many of our Certificate III courses. Since the qualification standards are set by the CSHISC, our Learner guides and assessment workbooks are comprehensive to cover all the skills and knowledge they have identified as essential. We regularly review all these materials and update them based on the feedback of our students. This includes fixing mechanical errors to creating easier to follow lessons. It would be great to know about the typographical error you've spotted so we can amend it right away. Please contact us at 1800 506 509 and we'll get it fixed ASAP. Thanks again for your understanding and we hope to get more feedback from you soon to improve our service further.
rating 5/5 Date: 12/10/2015
Hi Anonymous (response to review dated 22/09/2015), thank you for sending your feedback. We're sorry to hear you aren’t completely happy with your course and thanks for taking the time to let us know about your experience. The assessment requirements of the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety are actually set by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC), an independent, industry-led, not for profit company funded by Government. They are responsible for identifying and responding to the skill development and workplace planning needs of the industries they represent, including Work Health Safety. This qualification is designed to assess the exact skills and knowledge the CSHISC has identified as essential to fulfil roles as a safety officer in the Australian safety industry. Since the qualification standards are set by the CSHISC, you'll find all TAFEs and private registered training organisations delivering this qualification will have very similar assessment requirements. Sorry to hear you were not able to attain RPL for your previous training and workplace experience. We understand it's frustrating when higher level qualifications are not eligible for RPL, but unfortunately more advanced qualifications do not necessarily mean you possess the required skills to hold this Certificate. As one of our senior trainers once explained, it's like the difference between a driver's license and a pilot's license. The pilot's license is far more advanced, requiring much more training and a more rigorous examination process. However, driving and flying do require different skills. You will still need to pass the driving test to get your driver's license, even if you already hold a pilot's license. At the end of the day, our RPL assessors must see sufficient evidence of the exact competencies assessed in this qualification in order to grant RPL. Our high assessment standards helped us maintain our "low risk" rating at our most recent audit earlier this year. If we do not maintain these standards, we risk being found non-compliant with the standards for Australian RTOs, which may result in regulators recalling qualifications we have issued. We simply can't drop our standards and expose our past graduates or current & future students to that risk. We'd love to hear more details about your experiences with slow assessment turnarounds. Our WHS assessment marking timeframes have been less than 2 weeks all year, one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, so we'd like to investigate your case and find out why you were experiencing longer waits. Please contact us on 1800 506 509 and we'll get to the bottom of it. We're also constantly improving our course materials, and provide regular opportunities throughout your course to leave feedback on our workbooks. We will be releasing an updated version of this course in the very near future, incorporating improvements based on all the student feedback we have received. Thanks again for your feedback and understanding here. We'll pass it along to all the relevant departments to ensure they can improve their processes to deliver a better experience for all students in future. Cheers!
rating 5/5 Date: 23/09/2015
Just completed my TAE upgrade. Was really impressed with the quality of the content, the helpfulness and professionalism of the staff. Communication was exceptional with tutors and admin staff plus the cost was very reasonable.
rating 1/5 Date: 23/09/2015
I am doing Cert III with them and I regret so much that I didn't check the reviews before! They are cheaper than their competitors but they offer only 12 months study instead of 18 months or 2 years. It is impossible to complete it within 12 months as they mark your assignments for a month and then the resubmission of the assignments for another month. The extension costs half of the whole course and they do not tell you that before! Very dishonest and tricky. The course material is a joke. Its long, repetitive, incorrect or grammatically incorrect. Its a joke! Do not enroll in their studies, you will regret it.
rating 1/5 Date: 22/09/2015
I have just completed a Bachelor of Engineering, achieved 2nd class honours and started full time work with a tier 1 company. The first thought which went through my mind was to learn, understand and be able to apply the WHS legislation which Australia and the world are now pushing for and recognising. I found this course and rates were much cheaper than the market competitors and hence signed up for the online 6 month WHS Cert IV Course, which has been my ultimate downfall... Inspire Education, certainly does not live up to its name, and having finally found its reputation on this forum, am somewhat glad I am not the only one to have fallen into their trap! They have a course structure (which mentioned in another post) has 4 modules, all of which are 100+ pages of absolute garbage! They are poorly written and at times grammatically incorrect, thus casting doubt in your mind as you try and interpret what they are trying to ask you and the WHS Legislation for the first time. Their expectations per module is ridiculous, expecting you to have the time to write full reports and conduct presentations (to your colleagues) on their basic and pathetic questions/examples. Again as another poor candidate for this course mentioned, they take a month to mark each module, and upon receiving the review mark you down in areas/questions, providing you little to no useful feedback, such as; "" You try and adjust the answers to reflect their basic comments, only to find they've been knocked back again and again for the same useless explanation. Even when asking for advice in their internal email system (which they close out after they've responded to your first and only email, forcing you to write another message addressing the same question in a different perspective) their attitude remains the same, providing useless feedback and vaguely telling you to either google or refer to the WHS Legislation.... If I hadn't done that, do you really think I would be asking an involved question? Finally at the end of the day, I applied for RPL to try and lighten the work load, as this course and work were taking a toll on me. Some of you might think that a Bachelor degree would hold some merit to their pathetic assignments (reports & PowerPoint presentations), but you would be wrong.... They do not care of your previous qualifications, no matter how significant they may be. They suggest that you have to provide examples of how you have achieved the RPL, stating that it must be career or industry related... I did so, and it was rejected on the grounds that I hadn't provided enough evidence that this was career related... My Bachelor Degree in Engineering, is not related to my current Project Engineering position...? In the wise words of Yoda "Sense, it make not?" If any of you are looking for a Cert IV in WHS, then please DO NOT CONSIDER INSPIRE EDUCATION!!!! P.S. I will be putting through a formal complaint to and the VET Authority in QLD.
rating 1/5 Date: 21/09/2015
The cert course in WHO is as bad as everyone else has stated in the comments above. Inspire say its competency based training yet it involves everything else than OHS learning. How to write a report for god sake, I have a degree with honours and completed an 80,000 word thesis. Working full time requires at times 10 hours a day on site and travel doesn't always allow time to complete work that needs to be done from an office, the idea that I need to keep coughing up money to extend the course by a few weeks is insulting and crap....there is no cost to Inspire to give an extension of time. Be very wary of this company, don't waste your time or money.
rating 5/5 Date: 09/09/2015
I just want to say thank you to the team at Inspire Education. The experience was seamless & professional. I just completed a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment + an add on LLN course face to face. The assessors was fantastic the entire time. Every request made was replied to efficiently & promptly. I have shifted career from 21 years in F&B operations management to starting my own Hospitality Training business. Great work guys. I will definitely recommend you to colleagues & friends.
rating 5/5 Date: 18/08/2015
Inspire Education response to anonymous review dated 01/08/2015. Hi Anonymous, great to hear you enjoyed the face to face component of the course! We have an amazing face to face training team and we are incredibly proud of the work they do with our students in the classroom. They do continue to provide online instruction and mark assessments for students after the workshop, but there are only so many hours in the week. We’re sure you’d agree it’s not fair to ask them to put in a huge effort Monday-Friday in the classroom and then go home and mark assessments all night and over the weekend! Since the face to face trainers spend so much time in the classroom with you and other students, we back them up with a team of dedicated online WHS training and assessment specialists based both in Australia and the Philippines. This means you still have access to phone and message support from WHS trainers every day, while your assessments can be marked and returned within two weeks or less (one of the quickest, if not the quickest, assessment turnaround times in the industry). All our WHS trainers & assessors are fully qualified and undergo regular training and other professional development. Despite this high level of service and support, our Cert IV WHS course remains one of the best value for money courses on the market, with many other training providers charging $3000-$5000+ to study the same course. Thanks for your feedback, we definitely appreciate it. Please feel free to contact us on 1800 506 509 to discuss any aspect of your training experience further!
rating 1/5 Date: 01/08/2015
Having carried out numerous courses in my time , this has to take the carrot for being the worst. Not value for money and look elsewhere. I signed up for the Cert IV WHS. Initially the Face to Face training supplied was excellent by the Trainer for the weeks course at the office. During the course having built up a rapport with her, we were advised she "was moving on". It transpired that the company was outsourcing all the marking of subsequent WHS coursework to Manila in the Philippines to people who appear to have no had no practical knowledge of WPHS apart from a "Tick The Box" instructional course by Inspire Education. However good their command of English is there is always the problem of not being a native English speaker with the nuances of the any language. This became apparent in the way the subsequent course work was and is marked. This is no criticism of them, they tried to be helpful and are trying their best but the lack of "Hands On Experience" is very apparent. This was not what I had signed up for.
rating 5/5 Date: 23/07/2015
Inspire Education response to anonymous review dated 07/07/2015. Hi Anonymous, As this is a competency based course, your work is assessed "Competent" (if you have demonstrated all the required skills and knowledge) or "Not Yet Competent" (if you have not yet shown all the required skills and knowledge). A "Not Yet Competent" rating simply means you need to correct some of your answers. Your assessor will leave you notes in your student portal telling you which answer(s) you need to review. You are able to contact your trainer and ask questions if you need more information and you can submit your work for remarking and feedback an unlimited number of times at no extra cost. Each assessment in the workbooks has been included because we are required to assess your competency in that specific task or knowledge in order to issue you with a nationally recognised and accredited qualification on completion of your course. We cannot pass you and issue you with a qualification until you demonstrate all the requirements for the course. Thanks!
rating 5/5 Date: 23/07/2015
Inspire Education response to Anonymous review dated 03/07/2015 Hi Anonymous, Sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your experience. Can you contact us on 1800 506 509 or email to let us know how we could have improved your experience? Thanks!
rating 5/5 Date: 23/07/2015
Inspire Education response to Anonymous review dated 30/06/2015 Hi Anonymous, Sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your experience. Can you contact us on 1800 506 509 or email to let us know how we could have improved your experience? Thanks!
rating 5/5 Date: 23/07/2015
Inspire Education response to Anonymous review dated 29/06/2015. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review and thanks for your feedback. Can you please let us know if you received a response to your complain email? As we explain in our complaints policy (found in the student handbook) it may take up to 10 working days for our team to review, investigate and respond to complaints. You should have been advised, in writing, of the outcome of your complaint via email. Thanks!
rating 5/5 Date: 23/07/2015
Inspire Education response to anonymous review dated 09/04/2015. Hi Anonymous, Can you please contact us and let us know who your trainer was? We'd like to look into their conduct and determine if it was inappropriate. It sounds like you attended the 1 week blended workshop delivery. During the week you begin and should complete a significant proportion of workbooks 1, 2 and 3 which comprise a little under 50% of the total course work required. These 3 workbooks are designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to undertake the major practical projects in Workbook 4. You have a full 6 months after your workshop to finish off any remaining tasks in Workbooks 1, 2 and 3 and complete the major practical project in Workbook 4. During this time, we allow unlimited submissions and resubmissions of work for marking and feedback and have highly-skilled WHS trainers available to provide you with support. The course is designed to meet the requirements of the course rules set out by the relevant industry bodies and our regulators. Every assessment in the workbooks has been included because we are required to assess your competency in that specific task or knowledge in order to issue you with a nationally recognised and accredited Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety qualification on completion of your course. We have included detailed instructions and checklists in each of the workbooks to support you as you complete the course, plus trainers are available to answer questions via messaging and phone support. If you had attended the full delivery version of the course, which includes a second week long face to face workshop, you would have begun and potentially finished about 80% of the course work during the workshops. The second week-long workshop focuses specifically on the major practical project in Workbook 4. If you wish to complete the course as quickly as possible, with maximum support from a trainer and other students, we recommend attending the full 2 weeks of workshops.
rating 5/5 Date: 23/07/2015
Inspire Education response to Anonymous Review dated 25/05/2015. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review and thanks for your feedback. Our Certificate III in Aged Care course is designed to meet the training package rules we are required to comply with by our industry regulators. Each assessment in the workbooks has been included because we are required to assess your competency in that specific task or knowledge in order to issue you with a nationally recognised and accredited Certificate III in Aged Care qualification on completion of your course. As this is a competency based course, your work is assessed competent (if you have demonstrated all the required skills and knowledge) or not yet competent (if you have not yet shown all the required skills and knowledge). A "Not Yet Competent" rating simply means you need to correct some of your answers. Your assessor will leave you notes in the student portal telling you which answer(s) you need to review. Unfortunately, we cannot pass you and issue you with a qualification unless you complete all the requirements for the course. As a Certificate III in Aged Care qualified professional, you will be entrusted with the lives and welfare of many elderly Australians. We've already hired an additional full-time aged care trainer and assessor so we can assess and return your work quicker and will be bringing another person onto the aged care training team shortly. Please feel free to contact us on 1800 506 509 to get extra assistance to complete your training. We hope to hear from you soon.
rating 1/5 Date: 07/07/2015
Absolutely terrible. I have previously completed a diploma and a bachelor through a different study provider and never received lower than a distinction. Inspire education failed me every time and could not give me a legitimate answer as to why they were failing me. They just want more money as you have to pay an extension fee when you don't finish in time. The work booklets make no sense and the questions are almost illiterate. Never study through inspire education.
rating 1/5 Date: 03/07/2015
Never ever choose inspired education. ..really frustrating
rating 1/5 Date: 30/06/2015
bad choice!!!! cring
rating 1/5 Date: 29/06/2015
Just completed cert 3 aged care and community services and would not recommend them . They were extremely slow and marking and even my placement said their books were confusing . I sent a complaint email to them and they did not even have the courtesy to reply
rating 1/5 Date: 25/05/2015
Waste of money and my time. If you want to waste your time and money without getting a certificate,then enrol with Inspire Education.
rating 1/5 Date: 25/05/2015
This is the worst provider ever. I think the whole thing was set up for people not to finish. Am currently doing Certificate III in Aged Care with Inspire Education. I have had enough,the amount of work is unbelievable. So much assessments,log book and practical workbook to complete. It takes 6 to 10 weeks to get feedback on submitted assessment. Each time,they will asked me to resubmit the assessment. Blamed myself for not researching before enrolling with Inspire Education. I would not recommend Inspire to anyone I know.
rating 1/5 Date: 09/04/2015
I am a senior education officer for the DEC in NSW and this WHS course is the most ridiculous course I have ever attempted ....DO NOT enrol in this course..there are 4 workbooks...approx 100 pages each... I completed 3 out of 4 and the 4th booklet was like 120 pages long, and filled with all the same questions the previous booklets covered... The presenter was completely arrogant and told us that he has blocked students from working in the industry after he received negative feedback....he then asks us to complete the evaluations whilst he stood over us..I was also informed that if you pay extra to attend the 'blended' mode of delivery ( face to face and distance ed) I would have 80% of the course finished....rubbish....we were simply talked to and set tasks that we were destined to fail. I paid $1500 and finished 75% and will never get anything from it because I have to pay extra if I want to complete annoyed...these guys should be investigated.
rating 5/5 Date: 12/03/2015
I have just completed the certificate iv in training and assessment. Sensational trainers, student portal is brilliant I could not speak highly enough of inspire education.
rating 5/5 Date: 06/01/2015
I am Najma Perveen .I just completed Certificate three from Inspire Education .It is very good institute for online study .All trainer and assessor are very very good doing their jobs and help their students.They provide me excellent learning material to complete this certificate three .I again enrolled Diploma in Children,s services.I want to highly recommended the inspire education for everyone who want study .
rating 5/5 Date: 21/12/2014
(Inspire Education response to reviews dated 15/12/2014) Hi Anonymous - sorry to hear your mother passed away, our condolences. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We’re sorry you feel our service wasn't able to meet your expectations. This review sounds very similar to a review on Facebook, so assuming it's the same person we can address your specific situation. We were more than happy to provide you with a free transfer into the online version of the unit and a free course extension so you had more time to complete it. We simply ask for documentation, like a medical certificate, to support requests for free services like the ones you were provided. Our trainers have dedicated call back periods so we can provide the best overall service for all students. We have found scheduling appointments ensures all students receive an equal amount of support, and our trainers are able to respond to your questions more efficiently. In most cases, even if you are stuck on one question you should be able to move on to other questions in the workbooks so you can keep studying when you have set time aside (such as over weekends). We also have an online Q&A session every fortnight where online students in any course can ask questions. The workbooks are all available through our student portal (along with a wide variety of other learning resources) which can be accessed using your student number and password. To make sure your concerns are heard by the right people in the company, please use the formal channels for complaints (you can find the details in our student handbook). This will ensure your concerns are heard by management and you will receive a prompt and formal response from Inspire Education.
rating 1/5 Date: 15/12/2014
Did the Cert IV TAE Training and Assessment. Very poor communicati. When i started i was able to just ring amdtalk to a trainet. Then they changed system and had to book a time...usually sometime after 3.30pm. So if you were stuck on axquestion whole day wasted I have no doubt this company will fold. They do not listen to complaints or their customets...quickest way to collapse a business. I did another course in classroom...left in first hour as mum had heart attack. Asked if i could switch to distance...told yes but had to submit medical certs etc..asked for usb to be sent by trainet so could finish workbook...took 6 weeks...mum died so screw them....did with other company
rating 5/5 Date: 14/12/2014
(Inspire Education response to reviews dated 4/12/2014) Hi Anonymous reviewers, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We’re sorry you feel our service wasn’t able to meet your expectations. The Cert IV in WHS is delivered through competency-based learning, which requires mastery of every learning outcome in the course. We've done extensive development work to streamline our Cert IV WHS course, while also ensuring each required learning outcome is met. Any time we have included an assessment, it's because we are required to see you demonstrate that competency in order issue you a nationally recognised and accredited Australian qualification. We want to see all of our students gain competency in each unit and ultimately their qualification. If your workbook is assessed "not yet competent", you do have a 2 week period from the day of assessment to complete any rectifications and resubmit it for marking. Extensions are available to students who are unable to submit all their course work within their allocated course duration. However, provided you have submitted all assessments before your course end date there should be no need to purchase additional time. We have recently recruited a number of WHS experts designed to improve our assessment time frames. Please bear with us while they get trained to provide the best student feedback and marking times possible. Please call us on 1800 506 509 and ask to speak to the training manager if you have any further concerns. Finally, feedback for our classroom based-training is normally overwhelmingly positive, so we'd love to hear your feedback to better understand what you felt was lacking and how we can improve our training to better serve our students. Thanks!
rating 1/5 Date: 04/12/2014
All I seemed to do is wait for my results. Not once did I pass the first go I had to resubmit the work books many times its crazy. I think the whole thing is set up for people to fail. i should of read the reviews i wouldnt of started studying especially when you have a time difference between the states its a nightmare next time I am going local for a company to study with
rating 1/5 Date: 04/12/2014
Doing this Cert in OHS has been a complete nightmare. I consider myself quite smart and have never had so much problems with doing study before this. The amount of material you have to add into the workbooks is crazy. I consulted a person who has been in OHS for many years and he couldn't believe the amount of silly extra information that was required for the work book 3 and 4. It has completely put me off doing any more study. Paying extra to spend the time in the class I felt was a waste of time. Waiting for results to come back takes so long. Expect to have to pay for extensions people. If I do ever consider doing study again I will be finding another provider.
rating 5/5 Date: 23/10/2014
I have recently completed a Cert. IV in Work Health and Safety with Inspire Education. I have really advanced in my career through this course by obtaining a stronger understanding of WHS. I decided to go with the self-paced track because I work full time and this method worked very well for my-self. Inspire offered great support throughout the course with valuable feedback and advice from the instructor. I appreciated having the same instructor and being able to create a relationship that assisted in my learning. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to begin or progress in a career in WHS.
rating 5/5 Date: 21/09/2014
(Inspire Education response to review dated 11/09/2014) Hi Anonymous, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Sorry we have not been able to live up to your expectations. If you'd like to discuss your issues, please contact us on 1800 506 509 and we will be able to refer you to the appropriate person. Thanks.
rating 2/5 Date: 11/09/2014
I have several post grad degrees from universities completed by attendance and one completed externally. I found the cert IV in WHS the worst educational experience I have endured! The material provided (not actual content) and website was substandard. Feedback and results took forever. And responses to my queries were cryptic and mostly unhelpful. At times I was unable to actually post my responses because of the formatting of the answer . After each section is completed you are asked for your opinion on various aspects of that unit. I responded honestly and never received feedback about my comments.
rating 5/5 Date: 04/09/2014
Regarding the TAA to TAE update via RPL, Inspire provided a first class product with a realistic amount of effort required for an RPL at a Certificate IV level. All correspondace to them was answered professionally and promptly. The whole process made me glad that I chose to enroll at Inspired. Craig Ma'har
rating 5/5 Date: 10/08/2014
(Inspire Education response to review dated 6/8/2014) Hi Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns about the course. If you’re struggling with the course materials, please get in contact with your trainer, they’re there to help you through the course. Sorry the webinars are not run at a great time for you, we run them in the evenings as it’s the most convenient time for the majority of our students. We also provide pre-recorded versions, which you can watch online 24/7 or download to use at your own convenience. We have many TAE trainers, so there are other people available to talk to you if one trainer’s communication style does not suit you. The Mathletics platform looks very interesting and is a great idea. We are certinaly always looking for new and better ways of doing things. Thanks again for your feedback Anonymous. If you’ll give us another chance, we’d love to work with you to help you earn this great certification. Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon
rating 1/5 Date: 06/08/2014
I was most disappointed with the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment by distance learning. The electronic material was most difficult to work with and whilst I got perfect score for the first part of the written assignment the two projects and the instruction about them in the Design Module were awful. I am anything but stupid but I could not understand how to do these projects. I found the timing of the on-line video workshops late at night not conducive and the Trainer continually stumbled over his words - not very professional - I could not stand to listen to him for more than a few minutes before I became annoyed at the communication style. I would like the a better electronic interface so work on the unit could be completed as you go much in the same way as Mathletics is being done with children. I really wanted to have this qualification and I will have to find a provider that can meet my expectations in regard to delivery and support. I would not recommend this group for any reason.
rating 5/5 Date: 14/07/2014
Hi, I just completed my Cert IV TAE40110 through Inspire Education! :-). I had a great time attending the face-to-face workshops with them. I found their team of trainers hard working and dedicated to helping me understand the content of the course and how to take each step of study after the face-to-face components. Big thumbs up for knowledge of the topic and delivery!
rating 5/5 Date: 28/06/2014
I just completed the WHS Cert IV training through Inspire. I had a personal difficult time for 3 months, and they allowed me to extend my contract with them. They are wonderful trainers, and as I had not undertaken a course on line previously, they were always on hand to assist. I certainly would study through them again. Thank you Inspire Education.
rating 5/5 Date: 11/02/2014
Lots of whingers on here. Inspire Education is like ANY OTHER ONLINE LEARNING ORGANISATION. You actually need to be self-motivated and do the work to complete the course. This isn't school where the teachers have a legal responsiblity to make sure you turn up and complete work. Universities and TAFEs won't force you to turn up and do the work either - they'll just charge you a lot more money and still fail you if you don't do anything. As an online uni graduate, I knew what to expect going in. I did the work, I got support when I needed it and I finished my course by the deadline. All for a great price. Grow up and take responsbility for your own education and you'll be just fine.
rating 1/5 Date: 17/01/2014
They take 6 weeks or more check ur work, its so poor
rating 1/5 Date: 10/11/2013
There is limited feedback and contact within trainers, so be sure you are driven and self-motivated to complete the work on your own. Otherwise you will be left having paid substantially for a course without enough flexibility to postpone or modify study options, then left high and dry without achieving qualification or being able to complete without further considerable extension fees.
rating 4/5 Date: 22/10/2013
Hi, I just completed my Cert IV TAE through Inspire Education (yay!). Had a great time with them, their team of trainers is hard working and dedicated, often going out of their way to make sure I had the help I needed, when I needed it. Big thumbs up!
rating 1/5 Date: 28/07/2013
I am currently doing a course with inspire and would not do another course with them, the lay out of the course is not good, the level of assistance has been terrible I waited over 48 hours for a call back from a trainer, I asked to be put through face to face course and received 2 different prices, they were much higher than the original price I could have paid when I first signed up as well, I have asked for a manager to contact me and they won't take the time to do that, I am going to fair trading to try get my money back. Would recommend going with a different company
rating 5/5 Date: 22/01/2013
Recommend without a doubt. Fantastic trainers would study with them again for sure.
rating 5/5 Date: 09/11/2012
I attended a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course with Inspire in October. The trainer was excellent, and the moment I walked in I could tell that they really cared about teh students. Highly recommended.

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