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Do you have work experience and need an Australian qualification? (RPL)Recognition of prior learning is a quick and cost effective way to get qualified. Call us today for a free skills assessment without the need for classroom study. Based on your work experience, work samples and employment reference letters, you can get recognized up to a graduate diploma level via skills recognition and RPL.

Call us today on +61 2 9261 1333 (or 1300 88 43 66 in Australia) to get qualified and advance in your career.

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1.00 out of 5 from 2 reviews
rating 1/5 Date: 22/03/2016
Im having big doubts about get qualified australia them. Im a qualified wall n floor tiler , certificate 3 in general building. I wanted to update my wayerproofing certificate, so i could provide my company i work for a certificate of compliance. Get.q. australia said great. You will have no trouble. Pay 500 deposit then 300 a fortnight totalling $2300. After i paid she sent me the units i had to provide them with mainly video evidence. I sent video of first unit of me waterproofing wet area. Which i have 17 years experience. I was told that i needed more area to cover for the one unit. So dhe sent me a link for the elements and performance criteria. The elements are 4 to 6 areas to cover. Example element 1= planning + preparing Performance criteria= 1= following safety requirements 2= identifying and applying environmental requirmnts Etc. Etc. There is 7 to 10 to cover of performance criteria, via video. You u fail or cancel. Sucked in. You get no money back. Soo unfair
rating 1/5 Date: 16/01/2016
I enquired about RPL online with GQA and they seemed quite capable if a little intrusive; actually their SALES organisation should be commended, they are the true terriers of the pressure sales routine and they have brilliantly teleported this to the Australian Educational Sector. I passed the initial (HARD TO FAIL) questions with flying colours. Then a few more questions were asked and I was told everything would be "Truly Wonderful" once I had qualified; and handed over the CASH for this "LIMITED ONE TIME OFFER". As you guessed I handed over the "HARD EARNED" and again had sunshine and roses in great quantities sent my way. Result = No Qualification; why your asking, he probably wasn't qualified. Actually for all I know I may not be qualified. But I won't know this as they never call you back and discuss with you any issues you may have. They send you a few forms, I had some questions regarding the content, THEY DID NOT ANSWER ME. Not just once but every time I asked, that is if they could be bothered calling back. I think I know why; I believe if a study of the staffing model for this organisation was undertaken. It would discover that its prime purpose is to sell and not to deliver a service. This was probably why they never called me back to answer my queries, they were probably all busy selling more training at your tax dollars expense There is a term that I would like directors of this company to learn "Gaining a financial advantage by deception". I am now going to investigate your financial structure. What your relationship is to the people who actually qualify RPL

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