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Suite 601, 6/185 Elizabeth St St James Trust Building, Sydney, NSW 2000
(02) 9267 8540
Dr. Diana Bueno Toro

At Bright Smiles Dental, our team is here to give you state of the art dental care in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Our dentists are committed to provide high quality dental services and gentle dental care. We will do everything we can to ensure our service meets your 
expectations. We are here to help you either to maintain or re-gain your dental health.
Some of our products include but are not limited to: Piksters (Interdental tooth brushes): To aid in cleaning interproximal areas or areas difficult to access. Tooth Mousse plus: A compound of bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride to help remineralise tooth 
structure, also a great aid for sensitivity.

Some of our products include but are not limited to: PerioGuard Gel: A gel with antibacterial properties used as an aid in the treatment of gum disease. NeutraFluor: A fluoride rinse to aid in the treatment of early decay. Prevention in high caries risk patients due to conditions 
such as dry mouth or erosion of dental tissue.

At Bright Smiles Dental we offer a variety of dental products to assist us in the success of your treatment. Our friendly dentists will suggest the use of one or more of the products depending on your personal needs. For more information please discuss with your treating dentist.

5.00 out of 5 from 1 reviews
rating 5/5 Date: 22/07/2014
I had treatment at bright smiles dental and it was great , the dentist saved my tooth which was deemed to be pulled out by another dentist , I had lots of bad experiences from cheap dentists. They were very professional and had great equipment , you can see photos of your teeth before and after and the dentist I had explained everything very thoroughly . I am usually very nervous but the dentist was so gentle and took the time needed to do my treatment without rushing. I won't hesitate to recommend this practice. It is not a cheap practice but it was better than I was expecting, I think if you want good treatment is gonna cost you.

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