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What Are the Best Resources For Relationship Advice?

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So you had another argument with your boyfriend. And of course, you went to your best girlfriend for advice. But like every other time, her advice is to break it off. 

It’s possible that breaking up might be the solution for certain situations, it’s not exactly sound relationship advice for a just petty argument. If anything, it’s lazy. 

That being said, while your friends are your built-in confidants, they might not always be up for listening to you talk about your relationship for days on end. Or maybe they’re not wise enough to help you out. 

Every relationship needs guidance at some point in time. If your friends aren’t much help, here are a few trusted resources for relationship advice.

Call Your Mom

Whether you’re stressed about work or your dating life, there is no better comforter than your mom or any motherly figure in your life. Of course, she has lived longer so she can teach you from her experience. But also, she’s someone who can tell you how it is, without the fear of hurting your feelings. Your mom is the ultimate love guru you need on your speed dial.

Talk to a Psychic

Even if you’re not in a serious relationship, a psychic reading can change your perception of love, romance, and all things relationships. And if you are dating someone and considering taking it to the next level, you can ask a psychic virtually anything under the sun. 

Whether you’re worried about moving too fast or doubting your partner’s faithfulness, a psychic can help you realize if your concerns are valid or not. Sometimes your past relationships end up affecting your current ones. With a psychic reading, it’s possible to break this cycle. 

Watch Youtube Videos

Youtube has become a center for all kinds of gurus and tutors. From learning how to do the perfect cat eye to making the first move, Youtube gurus are happy to guide you. 

Matthew Hussey is a popular British dating coach offering insightful advice on all kinds of relationship dilemmas. Anna Akana is another Youtuber giving advice through interesting and relatable anecdotes. 

Try Reddit

Want to learn how to win a fight without any fighting experience? Ask Redditors. Want to know how to win at rock, paper, scissors every time? Ask Redditors. Want to know the best way to approach your crush without being creepy? Ask Redditors. 

Reddit is a wonderful platform for practical advice. From spicing things up to improving your communication skills, Redditors will help you with any and every relationship problem. Also, reading people’s real-life experiences will bring you comfort. 

Let Dating Sites Help You Out

When you have dating sites for everything from fitness to tracking your menstrual cycle, then why not explore relationship sites? Loveawake is a site where you can post a question and get expert advice. 

Are you going through the motions of dating? Instead of boring your friends with your dating adventures, let Jyst guide you. This app is happy to help you with all your dating woes.

Unfortunately, some relationships come with an expiration date. If your brutal break up is keeping you from moving on, share your struggles with an e-therapist from BetterHelp. 

Seek Anonymous Advice

At times, you want to keep your relationship problems on the down-low, or you just want to rant without judgment. There are several anonymous relationship advice websites that offer a safe space for sharing. 

Ask Your Roommate

Technology is fantastic and incredibly helpful. But sometimes you need a face-to-face talk to feel heard. How about asking your roommate for advice? And who knows, you might find a Monica Geller for your Rachel Green-Esque romantic faux pas.


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