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Jason Pang

With time, teeth become discoloured and unhealthy. It’s normal and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, most people with discoloured teeth feel embarrassed about their appearance and shy away from social gatherings. If that is your case, Cosmic Smile Dental has a variety of affordable and pain-free cosmetic dentistry solutions for you.
Dr. Jason Pang, Cosmic Smile Dental’s founder and head cosmetic dentist, will analyse your teeth to determine what type of professional bleaching method is most appropriate. One of the most popular treatments is the so called “In-office laser whitening” as it produces immediate results that very same visit.
This easy teeth whitening treatment consists in the application of a specially formulated whitening product to your teeth. As oxygen penetrates into the enamel, stains from deep within the tooth are broken down and lifted from the teeth.
Curios? Take advantage of their New Patient Assessment and pay only $99 for a comprehensive exam, consultation or second opinion and all necessary intra-oral X rays and panoramic OPG x-rays.
Visit and find out about other dental treatments including dental Implants, Snap-on-SMile, Invisalign, Lumineers and others for a glowing, stellar, life-changing smile.