Prorean Prooftreading

Rhyll, VIC
1300 743 637
Stephanie Mann

Protean Proofreading offers much more than just proofreading. Give me your words on paper, on screen or in audio format, and they will be proofread, edited and/or formatted to the standard required for your desired outcome.
Whether your work is fiction or non-fiction, including:
newsletters and journals
short stories and novels
advertising copy
magazine and newspaper articles
biographies and autobiographies
plays, TV and film scripts
you can be sure that I understand the importance of layout and style, of grammar for clarity of expression, and the function of punctuation in creating signposts on the journey of the written word. Above all, I understand how vitally important it is that the voice the author has given the piece does not get lost in this process.

Let Your Words Say What You Mean