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Chills and Sparks is a supplier of heating, cooling and refrigeration services with a range of solutions for your home, office or commercial premises. Our mission is to provide exceptional service, quality and competitive price to our clients so that Chills and Sparks is always your first choice. We would be happy to help you out with the services listed below: 
Split Systems Air Conditioning Cairns
A ‘split' system is where the indoor unit sits separately from the outdoor and is connected by refrigeration, copper piping and electrical wiring.
Split systems generally provide the lowest possible noise levels both indoors and outside, and are usually controlled by an infra-red remote control for quick and accurate control of temperature, fan speed, 24 hour timing and air flow direction on some models.
The split type comes in many forms, the most popular being the Hi-wall type; there are also Floor Console, Under Ceiling, Cassette and Multihead types.

Multi Systems
Multihead systems consist of one outdoor unit but multiple indoor units (up to four depending on the make/manufacturer).

Ducted Systems
Ducted systems are top of the range and offers air conditioned comfort to the entire house with zoning control.
Zoning divides a home into two or more sections that can be heated or cooled separately. This enables living areas to be conditioned during the day and sleeping areas at night, reducing running cost by up to 50%. With the easy to use remote controller you can set a precise temperature for your room.

Room Air Conditioners
Window air conditioners require very little installation so there is low upfront cost. They are a good choice and are energy efficient if you are cooling one or two rooms and there are many to choose from. Most window air conditioners are quiet but, since the whole system is contained in one unit they can be louder than split type air conditioners where the compressor sits outside.

Marine Refrigeration
Residential and High Rise
Retail Shops and Offices
Restaurants, Clubs and Schools
Custom Design
Installation of air conditioners and heating systems:
With our quality installation services, you can be assured that your air conditioner or heating system is put up in the right place and area to provide maximum benefits. We provide you fully insured installation services by expert technicians like none other. Our services are not just limited to residential homes, we also provide customized services for commercial and industrial customers.
Commercial refrigeration solutions:
Whatever your refrigeration requirement, whether it is the latest in ice machines, cool room solutions, shop display cabinets or storage freezers, Chills and Sparks can provide you quality products at competitive prices. Chills and Sparks supply, maintain and repair all brands of refrigeration and cooling systems for all hospitality industries, restaurants, hotels, schools, resorts, bars, warehouses and any commercial premises, requiring refrigeration needs.
Our services include:
Supermarket refrigeration
Cool rooms and walk in freezers
Ice makers.
Bars pubs and nightclubs - beer coolers
Floral - floral refrigerators
Supermarket - refrigerators and freezers
Warehouse - cold storage warehouses
Marine refrigeration
Does your air conditioning take longer to heat/cool than normal? Does it even get to the set point temperature? These questions could be related to a problem with your air conditioning system. We understand that your families comfort is important, it is important to us also. We can repair the system and get it back online without a hassle.
Preventative Maintenance:
Domestic air conditioning maintenance is often an area that is overlooked. "Why service my air conditioner if it is not broken?" At Chills and Sparks Air Conditioning, we find that a proactive approach will provide long term cost savings, comfortable conditions and reduce down time.
A preventative maintenance is a ‘health check’. It works the same as servicing a car by providing a thorough examination and testing of your system condition and efficiency will help to identify small issues before they become BIG issues, potentially causing major and usually expensive problems.
Performing a preventative maintenance once a year will ensure that your air conditioning system is reliable throughout the seasons. It can also assist in meeting the manufacturer’s warranty conditions if your system has been recently installed.

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