Concrete Floor Grinding Disc5

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1. Product Name:Concrete Floor Grinding Disc
2. Product Description:Metal bond concrete grinding disc, diamond floor grinding disc Designed for heavy grinding of concrete to prepare for polishing. · Extremely long life · Very smooth scratch pattern · Round over the edge can smoothly wipe off floor lippage and greatly reduces scratches on the floor · For terrazzo and concrete applications · This diamond grinding disc can be used with our Polar Magnetic Quick Change System or 1- and 2- Pin System.
3. Price:15.00
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5. Company Description: Xiamen High-Tech Tools Co.,Ltd
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7. Descption: Xiamen High-Tech Tools Co.,Ltd specializes in the design, development, manufacture and exports of diamond tools. Since 2001, High-Tech has consistently been serving a vast range of customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our main products are various specifications of diamond saw blades, flexible polishing pads, diamond grinding wheels, diamond segments, diamond wire and abrasives etc.
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Xiamen High-Tech Tools Co.,Ltd
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