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layer 2 status wear layer one is going to be your physical cabling but the cable is unplugged the link status is going to be down if there's something wrong with a layer2 protocol like Ethernet or PPP your frame relay the layer 1 status could be up but the layer 2 status could be down and we can see this all the different variations when we look at again that show IP interface Bra if the interface is functional I wannasee that the status is up and that the protocol is up where again status here this is talking about layer 1 protocol here this is talking a layer 2so it is not there's nothing wrong with the cabling is nothing wrong with basic Ethernet at this point I should now be able to do my basic chertiest whereby campaigning 192 doubt 168 dad zeroed out one I want to make sure that I have some level of success here he will talk about a more detail tomorrow and Wednesday why it has lost one of those pains but if I try this again it should say it’s a hundred percent successful I want to send a bunch of these you can add additional commands on tithe the ping command like what's the repeat count let's say I want to send a thousand packets is good you think. 

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