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Comes from lack of energy I mean really ALPHA CUT HD mediation def some these people they have new challenge in their life so of course there are energetic about anything there’s no they have course they sleep ten hours aright because they have no reason the wake up why what sir what's the point I might as well sleep as much as possible or I'm on the other hand if I think really adjust about anybody if they decided that working  hours a week on projects that they actually wanted to work on I can understand if you're in a job that you really don't like and your you hate your work in whatever you don't like doing it that's one thing but freely chosen things at any sort of activities that some surprise you're going for something if you decided that you could work hours a week on that can be excited to do it I think you could do it I miss just you know there are old people get ideas from a lot different places and then they decide that's how it is for them and you know many people are concerned with what other people think.

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