Commerce & Property

Sydney, NSW
+61 418 235 899
+61 2 8221 9614

Commerce & Property are business negotiators based in Sydney Australia operating within and for New South Wales based Businesses. We also encompass all facets of Property Leasing. 

We have the experience, expertise & scope to deal for & on behalf of Vendors & Purchasers in the negotiation of Sales, Purchases, acquisitions and Leasing of Businesses & Property. 

Our aim is to achieve a very satisfactory result for all. We operate within the parameters of the respective legislation  and of course within our duties of responsibility, code of conduct, ethics & moral responsibilities. 

Our Policy is to only list Businesses and Properties that are saleable and genuine entities. 

Further, we qualify all prospective purchasers to ensure their genuinity as far as possible in order to achieve a positive result for all involved. 

The Principal officially commenced as a Business Agent in Early 1995. Although previous life experience with Business and Real Estate dealings which  included Residential, Retail & Commercial enterprises commenced many years prior.

This includes a great & notable previous life in Hospitality. This previous life was an enormous contribution to the knowledge & experience which has  enhanced the World of Commerce & Property

This expertise along with the ongoing education & continual growth of knowledge & experience will maintain & grow the  many years of professionalism which comes from both sides of the fence, as an Entrepreneur & Business operator. 

Our understanding of our clients is shown through our knowledge & the interest in our continued understanding of industry trends. 

Our Experience & Knowledge gives another aspect & understanding for the process of Business  Negotiation, which helps give Commerce & Property an advantage of unique & integral commitment & resolve to dealings within the negotiation of the sale a Business.

Commerce & Property has the experience to be your Business Broker, with the success of business personally within the Retail/Commercial industry and outside of the Real Estate Sales world ensures to give you an informed perspective of the Sales and Leasing integral process.

This gives another insight to the understanding of the whole Business Sales process from the Buyer & Seller’s point view, along with a better understanding of the day to day & also the mechanical processes of your enterprise.

Deal with somebody who has done it.  Not “just left school” or who was taught the “Sales process” for the Real Estate Industry.

We want you, all of our clients, to have confidence in us. To put it simply:

We want to sell your business and then sell you another. 

We want you to buy a business from us and then we want to sell it for you.

Our aim is to make everybody involved in the process of the Business &/or Leasing negotiation to remember it as a positive and successful event.