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Pangaea, the ancient supercontinent that existed approximately 300 million years ago, was comprised of several distinct landmasses. These landmasses, known as Pangaea floors, were characterized by unique geological features and played a crucial role in shaping Earth's history.

The first Pangaea floor was Laurasia, located in the northern hemisphere. It consisted of present-day North America, Europe, and Asia. Laurasia was home to diverse ecosystems, including dense forests and vast plains. It served as a habitat for numerous plant and animal species, including dinosaurs and early mammals.

In the southern hemisphere, Gondwana was another major Pangaea floor. Gondwana included present-day South America, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and the Indian subcontinent. This landmass possessed its own distinct climate and geological formations, such as the expansive Gondwana rainforests. Gondwana supported a rich variety of flora and fauna, including unique dinosaur species and early flowering plants.

These Pangaea floors, although once separated by vast oceans, eventually merged together to form the supercontinent of Pangaea. This immense landmass had a profound impact on Earth's climate, ocean currents, and the distribution of life forms. The fusion of Pangaea's floors resulted in changes in weather patterns, the formation of mountain ranges, and the reconfiguration of ecosystems.

The breakup of Pangaea millions of years later led to the formation of the continents we recognize today. The legacy of Pangaea's floors can still be seen in the geological remnants and fossil records found across the globe. They serve as a testament to the dynamic nature of Earth's history and the ever-changing landscapes that have shaped our planet.

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