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a magic that they're exploding right through yourskin is you fully extend the contract downthroughout the range emotion shutout all external influences andmaster your mental focuswhat's up everyone is Vince Del Montewelcome back its day three of the six 1225 work L and weare on everyone's favorite day Lake day thisis the one that really revealed your true character so when I say lady I referencing allquite dominant and hit da man exercises so everythingon the court everything around the quads and then hit dominic is gluteshamstrings and lower back I recommend you goal with the part love your legs thatis left the belt or weaker so if you're less dominant onthe pocket your leg due to hit portion first and then do quite second alright let'sget rollin okay guys when it comes to training quads general warm up is very very critical sowe need a good 5-10 minutes spinning on the bike wanna get a lot of blood flowinto our lakes betray some big motor units today energy demands high the level discomfort is going to be greaterthan any other exercise you might need you might even want totake you word 3 I warm up sets before getting its your first works at when it comes the quad training we havea law to different variations we can do with the squat rack com what you'regonna see me do is put my heals up by two small plates which givesme a bit a dorsey flexion I'm hi to my ankles so for me not the dawnthe way at PI hips I am give myself a littlemore mobility around the ankle so I can stay more upright when I'm doing this I also point my toes slightly outwardsbecause I'm fairly tight through the hip so that again gives me a little 

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