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Energy before you actually it's the real work woman do not want to set Aussie guys like it to the 120 to 140 I first exercise mall ready for it ready for war he sets decline dumbbell press only go for three sets between a to 15 reps depending on the way I choose where house upon today I'm going to take it like slightly lighter little bit more respond be 12 reps at with the higher 20-pound dumbbells resettle we'll see how I do stuff home so okay so two more set to that the moving onto soup in a Brain Ammo standing alternating dumbbell curls out longer will be duly that profit to accept it to now warmed up and ready to do my standing alternating super dating her also basically Asama the excise my head to my side like him across but as I bring it up soup in a meeting which means turning my head pretty much think he's up what comes outs many this the pica is high am Sardinia with my thumbs up like this I really worked my way up I tennis I have 15 harem site tennis 825 Snow berry for the 45's I with these activities number but light-show doing 8 to 12 reps with this way probably about should have a sorry like this and the like this just like.

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