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PaulS Campbell

You make in four hundred dollars a month our core businesses what appointment setter needed and one salesperson but normally we haven’t gotten an order from one salesperson and the owners small to God has  Braim Ammo   two salespeople so they need forty appointments a week so actually won a client it's got to salespeople any sales person needs for payment today to go out on that still okay to play mister to salespeople guys five is forty appointments they need each week you make five dollars each of each once you make two hundred dollars for finding that business it's also your you have your appointment setters they use our during the appointment setting you make an additional five dollars you make it ten dollars of each apartment so this one company it needs forty appointments a week is going to make You four hundred dollars awake okay and at sixteen hundred dollars a month it take it takes one to claim its order to aid appointment today that as you can see you got a hundred or thousand placement centers you have been many more companies always company could say we have thirty salespeople they need for planes today we need a 120appointments per day okay and you to make ten dollars I V chip I'm it because you have you played in centers and you also have found a quiet that strand hundred dollars a day yes102 thirty-year salespeople that need four points each per day that's a 120 appointments your there to make ten dollars each that's twelve hundred dollars a day ties five    Braim Ammo days a six thousand dollars awake so you can see how probable this can really be okay can you imagine twenty thousand dollars a day waking up every morning knowing that you have one thousand people working for you and they're working through our VPN I virtual a private network so United happy really manage them a Jamaican twenty dollars to eighty dollars a day of each person this is real I generate business is that what appointments I'm get their placement centers make ten dollars of every appointment set 1400 center setting a minimum adjust for appointments per day is 4000appointments. 

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