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Hi I am Pat McNamara, owner, guide and outfitter of the BOW HUNTERS LODGE. Bow hunters Lodge was formed in 2006 and is a 100% mecca for dedicated bow hunters...No rifles...No Dogs....My guides and I are a team of Bow Hunters that Guide Only Bow hunters. We cater for all bow hunters, experienced, novice, hi-tech, traditional, father-sons, female and non-hunters. We provide fully guided, semi guided hunts, bow hunter education for the novice, self guide hunts for approved experienced hunters.
If you’re looking for a great hunt, plenty of opportunities, great company and willing to learn a thing or 2 you are looking in the right place.
I first met Pat back in 2007 on my first trip to Cape York with my dad. A fantastic & memorable trip was had with good boars and my first Scrub Bull
taken. Pats dedication for success is paramount, he strives to see his clients do well and put a trophy animal on the ground. Since 2007 I have had a further to hunts with Pat in 2010. First being in Charters Towers chasing the respectable Chital (axis) deer. Pat’s property is something very special with truly an amazing number of quality animals to be stalked and test any hunters ability. To top it off the camps atmosphere, food and scenic surrounds are brilliant. The 2nd hunt for 2010 was a return to Cape York where another fantastic trip took place. Camp was happily run by Pat and Rob Donnelly, and the enthusiastic & ridiculously funny camp, unbelievable food, awesome fishing and not forget the hunting made another amazing trip. Nothing is a problem, advice is plentiful and comes from guides who have been there and done it.
Before too long, I will return to settle a few scores and once again I’ll be using Pat from Bowhunters Lodge.

3.67 out of 5 from 3 reviews
rating 5/5 Date: 16/03/2013
luke miller and craig, two [well you wouldnt call them hunters] to watch out for,they never paid the full amount and stiffed us on paying, you ll see them making bad reviews around,funny how two hunters on the same trip had a fantastic time,see reviews along with next group had a fantastic time..i havent been in this for 8 years by making folks unhappy..cheers pat mcnamara owner 0428645635
rating 5/5 Date: 16/03/2013
HERE IS THE SAME REPLY i LEFT THESE TWO ON THE OTHER FORUM,THINK WHAT YOU WANT FROM WHAT I SAY,BUT THERE IS TWO REVIEWS FROM 2 HUNTERS THAT WERE THERE EXACLTY THE SAME TIME AS THESE TWO BLOKES AND TWO REVIEWS FROM 2 GUYS FROM THE NEXT WEEK.....i D LOVE TO SAY MORE ABOUT THESE TWO,BUT I AM SURE YOU CAN WORK OUT THE TRUTH...HAVE A GOOD ONE BLOKES..PAT. Execising my right to reply. This is a reply to the Cape York rubbish post started by Craig [aka Anarchy] & Luke Miller [aka Lucas] along with the bowhunterslodge review. Basically these two fellas turned up on the Sunday, day before the hunt was to start, Rob who has been my main guide for many years took these fellas out for the first two days, whilst I guided Jim Stevens and Arron Whannell. You’ll see their two testimonies below which will greatly contradict the OPs.[original poster] From the start these blokes were different, didn’t wish to sit with us or the other two members for meals, even when the owner would come down for a social gday in the late afternoons/evenings to see how the boys were doing, they didn’t wish to join in. They preferred their own company and chose to sit up late each night drinking, on the 3rd night I believe it was close to 130am. Makes it hard to do early hunts. Their hunt though... First day Rob reported that they had put up 5 to 7 boars with Craig taking out one, didn’t have any hooks to speak about though..Took the boys past a dead brumby on the way home as he knew there was a great size boar coming in. Luke had a shot at him on dusk but as far as I know missed him. At no stage of the hunt did they ever sit on bait for 3 hrs as they reported. 2nd day Rob took them out, I believe Luke walked past a good boar on the dam at 20 meters, somehow didn’t see him?? Craig took a shot at him approx 60 to 70 meters, unranged, missed him.. Each day they used the facilities, enjoyed the meals, and went fishing regularly on the dam catching catfish and sooty grunters along with redclaw and cherabin. At no times did they express any concerns til the third morning, til I asked them again for their final payment. Its on the website that all monies owed are to be paid before the hunt starts, just like any other business. I first asked these blokes on the 2nd day and was replied ok, nothing happened. So on the third morning after they had been fishing, had breakfast and were getting ready to go hunting, I asked again for final payment. This is when they decided everything wasn’t good enough. I am not going to go over it all; basically they decided they were leaving. At no stage did I ask them to leave, I basically said you haven’t even tried. You don’t want to do walks. I was ready to take them down the back after bulls and the proof is in the testimonies below, one hunter took two good bulls that day. I firmly believe they would have kept hunting until they were asked to pay remaining monies. As one poster said, why would you pay $2000 each and leave after 2 days??? I don’t know what these blokes are about, they have come on here with a heap of misinformation, as you can read below both clients on the same trip were very happy, and so were clients on the next trip and after them I had another two clients who will gladly write about their experiences as well. First off they say they paid $3300 each when the truth was they had only paid $2000 each. As for the fire, anyone who knows pig hunting in the cape it’s the best, pushes pigs back into shelter of the creeks, when showers hit, green shoots sprout brings in the ferals. I even have a vid of the week before when the fire hit of a boar eating a carcass as flames goes around him..The hunter and I went in and he took out the boar. It’s also clear on my website that I inform hunters to normally expect 1 or 2 opportunities a day on boars..I am not going to misinform hunters as it’s only going to bite you later. Again Luke likes to paint another version. AS the blokes left I walked up and shook their hands and wished them the best, Craig replied, If I had of got 30 pigs, say 6 to 8 good boars I would have been happy..I was left speechless.. You’ll see a couple testimonies below which explain what really happens on hunts. Mick from trophy bowhunts said the same..You can see heaps of boars, its then up to you as the hunter to stalk and shoot him cleanly. Plenty blokes either blow the stalk, miss the critter, wound the critter etc..You don’t hear about all that all the time??? Don’t forget to count all the opportunities!!! I ‘ve plenty of regular clients who have hunted with me over the years, some 3 to 5 trips. Extremely high success rate on good chital, and many have been successful on the Bulls and Boars. 3 moluccan stags taken this year from 3 hunts. The hunters that are successful are the ones who put in the effort. Anyways that’s enough from me, all the testimonies below paint the real picture. Most of the blokes on here could read between the lines of the OPs posts and see things didn’t add up. As for the other comments on here, maybe some of you blokes should learn to wait and make an informed decision when you have the facts/both sides of the story Oh yes the property owner would like to thank the two hunters for throwing their empty VB cans out on his access road as they left. Below are 2 clients testimonials who were on the same trip as luke miller and craig 1.G'day Pat and Rob, Just wanted to send you blokes a message in appreciation of a great week in Cape York. To take a raw amateur like myself and give him plenty of shots at some great boars is testimony to the quality of the property and your guiding. Thank you for your help and patience. Lucky for the pigs that I'm not a better shot - but then again, it leaves plenty for my next trip. Throw in some fishing, the top notch food, relaxed camp and the odd "dance" with a scrub bull and it makes for a great week I'll never forget. I reckon I'll be back next season. Cheers, Aaron Whannell 2.Gday Pat, Thank you and Bob for all your efforts on a very memorable trip, I secured my biggest set of trophy tusks taken with a bow, just under 26 DP, and who can forget the two scrub bulls shot on the same day was just sensational and the adrenalin rush that I still get just talking about it. The pictures are proudly hanging in my office and are a conversation starter to say the least. I missed the camp as soon as I stepped off the plane after landing back here in NSW so I am hoping to book another trip in the near future, cheers mate… Regards, Jim Stephens Dragline Maintenance Focal Point Below is another two clients testermonies the week after; 1. Hey Pat / Bob Below are my comments about the Trip aimed at people on the forum. Overview: If you want to bag a trophy boar, a big bull, a big deer than you wont be disappointed! I would class myself as someone that has next to nothing in the way of bow-hunting experience. I had to go and purchase a backpack, binoculars , rangefinder, camel-back good 2 blade broad-heads, heaps of arrows, cammo (the list goes on) - just for this hunt. You could say after spending a bucket-load on gear I had very high hopes. I can say that I was not disappointed! You will drink bucket loads of water to deal with the heat, you will cover a lot of ground, you will learn heaps off the guides (Bob and Pat), and you will see heaps of boars, mobs, Bulls, horses and deer. If your like me, you will love every moment of it (except for those times where you shoot like crap like I did!) Pre-trip: You will be staying overnight in Cairns before you head off the next day via car for the 5 hour drive to the cape where you will arrive at the lodge. The lodge has a flush-able toilet, heated shower, beds, power and a good kitchen, fresh water. - More than I expected, big plus for me! The hunt: The first day was hard work for me, and one where I learned heaps from Pat - how the wind can make or break a stalk, where to find he pigs, where to shoot the pigs, how to hunt creeks and how to take down a big bull! This is the day I nailed my big Bull! I also spooked about 3-6 boars and missed about 3 the same day. Day one and I should have bagged AT LEAST 3 boars! I must have missed 7-8 pigs for the trip, at least 5 of them lone boars and seen at least 10 pigs a day. Pat and Bob will put you on the pigs, its up to you to stalk and shoot them! Remember they were the opportunities that I had, not to mention the rest of the crew who each had similar opportunities. There were also heaps of Bulls! We ended up bagging 14 pigs and 3 Bulls for the trip (2 record class and one trophy class set of tusks). There is also plenty of deer for those that want to bag one. They were never far away from water and in big numbers! Food: Every morning you will have a cooked breakfast and every night you will be going to sleep full! I got to try my first venison meals, along with freshly trapped red-claw and cherabin (which was to die for!) Conclusion: This is not for those who want pigs to tied to trees so you can just walk up and shoot them. They are well hidden, they are far from stupid and thy are there in very good numbers. You will walk lots and sweat heaps in the heat. If you are looking to bag some big boars/bulls/deer, fish the lakes, learn about your gear, learn about hunting and have a great time then this is a trip that wont leave you disappointed. Cheers, Ben McCrum 2. Bow hunters Lodge Oct 2012 trip to the Cape. Coming from Perth WA we were nervously optimistic that it would be a successful trip as it was coming up to the end of the season. We were not disappointed. Bowhunters lodge proved to be a very professional and well organised outfitting operation. Considering the logistics involved in the planning of such a trip it went off without a hitch. Five of us (myself, two sons and two nephews ) had a fantastic week with exceptional hunting, great fishing and plenty of coldies as we relaxed at the end of each day. From our pick up in Cairns, the trip out to the station, the weeks hunting and return bowhunters lodge delivered. Our hunts were well planned and organised daily with good numbers of trophy boars and bulls seen on each day. The Camp was well set up and in an awesome spot. Bob, our guide, cooked up a storm every day but more valued was how he took my young son Aidan(8) under his wing giving tips and working with him almost daily - improving his bow hunting skills no end. All the boys came away with good trophies and stories that will no doubt continue for months. Happy dad.... Brett McCrum Pat McNamara guided bowhunting safaris
rating 1/5 Date: 30/11/2012
I went on a hunt in October 2012 with pat in cape York, the whole operation was VERY disappointing. The services promised were not even close to what was delivered. The hunting was pathetic and not as described. Game numbers were no where near what I was told when booking the trip. I was booked in to hunt for 7 days and left on the 3rd day as I was unhappy and had shot nothing. I voiced my concerns about the hunt and they didn't care at all, they got their money so they were happy. Overall the trip was disgraceful and I would never go with this outfitter again. Thanks pat for the worst hunt of my life!!!!

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