Testosterone Decanoate Neotest 250 BP2003

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Testosterone Decanoate Neotest 250 BP2003

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Testosterone decanoate commonly used in intramuscular injection solution, the oil absorption is slow, function is strong and durable, can maintain time for just a few days.Testosterone decanoate, a.k.a. Neotest 250, is probably best known as one of the ingredients in Sustanon. Neotest 250 is testosterone with the decanoate ester, a slow-acting long ester, similar to testosterone enanthate.
More specifically, Neotests decanoate ester releases for approximately three weeks after the injection, making it similar to but slightly slower than both the cypionate and enanthate esters.
The Neotest 250 brand was developed in an oil solution form for intramuscular injection, and packaged in a 10 ml multi-dose vial containing 250 mg/ml of testosterone decanoate. The individual drug Neotest 250 is no longer available independently, testosterone decanoate products are known to be in circulation. At present, the decanoate version of testosterone can only be found within testosterone blend (sustanon 250).

Name: Testosterone Decanoate,Neotest 250,Neotests decanoate,Steroids,Test Deca,
CAS NO.:5721-91-5
Einecs No: 227-226-4
M.F: C29H46O3
M.W: 442.67
Appreance: white or yellow white crystalline powder.
Specification: BP2003
Delivery: EMS,FedEx,DHL,UPs.
Price: Contact me please.

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