Methyltestosterone 99% Ciba's Metandren Steroid Powder

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Methyltestosterone 99% Ciba's Metandren Steroid Powder

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Methyltestosterone is an oral testosterone hormone. The compound has been used to treat low testosterone and andropause in men, as well as cryptorchidism. It has also been somewhat successful in some breast cancer treatment plans, treating excess lactation post pregnancy and osteoporosis. Most interestingly, Methyltestosterone(Ciba's Metandren) has had a fair amount of success in treating menopause by enhancing often lost libido and energy levels that often diminish during this stage of life for many women. While Methyltestosterone has enjoyed success in menopause treatment in the modern era, most women are now prescribed other testosterone forms. Creams and gels are perhaps the most common. Testosterone and progesterone mixed creams have been highly successful as well as subcutaneous implant pellets like Testopel.

Name:17-Methyltestosterone,Ciba's Metandren,Steroids
Alias: metandren; Virilon; mesterone;Methyl testosterone
CAS: 58-18-4
MF: C20H30O2
MW: 302.45
Appearance: white to slightly yellowish-white crystalline
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