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The National Organization for Women, aka, the National Organization for Liberal, Leftist, Lesbian Women,  has broken with its long-standing tradition and policy of ignoring slime hurled at Republican and, especially, conservative, females.It was okay for an aide to Democrat gubernatorial.Goji Vita  re-tread candidate Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown to call Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman a okay in that the feminists at NOW uttered nary an official word about the use of the W-word.The unidentified Brown associate was accidentally overheard on a voicemail speaking to Governor Moonbeam and suggesting, "What about saying she's [Whitman's] a whore?" Brown responded, "Well, I could do that," but didn't, publicly. Listen to the full 4-minute audio here: The best defense Brown could later muster was,"I don't agree with that comparison. I don't want to get into the term and how it's used." The best NOW could muster in response to the use of that degrading term? Silence.NOW was also silent over  Behar twice calling Nevada Republican senatorial candidate Sharron Angle a bitch." The B-word may be a cut above the W-word as a slimy description of a woman but is still pretty nasty. Behar herself is pretty nasty too but using the female dog word on-air was beneath even her. Behar also prophesied that Angle would "go to hell" and described an Angle campaign ad as "a Hitler youth commercial

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