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They possible every single day and don't worry I'm going to give you access to these methods right after we finished rolling through the last 20 the seven hardening mistakes and yes these are the exact same techniques I used to pack on 38 pounds of muscle in just 19 weeks alright mistake number six training too often this is one of the most common problems C was skinny guys who are not balk up and build gmax muscle quickly in fact I was guilty of this myself you think that go to the gym six days per week will get you faster is also going just 3 days a week right well it sounds it will make sense but this is actually completely false you see when you go to the gym your objective is actually to break down your muscle fibers by lifting heavy weights in order to elicit a growth response from your body you get bigger when your body repairs that damaged muscle it responds by repairing the muscle fibers and believe them bigger and stronger than they were before the point is your muscles actually crawl while you're resting not when you're in the gym lifting,

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