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I wanted to prove what that John does to your body everyone yep I'm SOL for at this point any style even noon yet I can't imagine what the rest the days in a feeling I hope thing yeah so irate lunchtime was those after lunch acid can't have a large fry a 20 piece nugget and a median just thinking about it I'm wishing today’s can Garcinia Cambogia HCA Max be over with thank you are well think you have it eating clean just makes you feel so much better you don't have that will cause remarks give you energy did get through your day on Realtor physically exhausting years to be Anteaters much I almost feel like a new one sick by about the third or fourth now get I just I can feel like my mouth to starting to salivate and start to feel a little bit dizzy 0 as I reach for the next chicken nugget just the smell that was it her all he okay I handle it sorry said I felt so bad and I want to come for him but I started gagging and I just headed leave I couldn't do it like I was like I did behind the corner coming down and shaking right now I seriously feel like I have the flu you I know I promise Liz ID like that forth rest the day but I'm done less alert I there's no there's no need for me to subject myself to that that punishment anymore I couldn't even imagine he single day what allege Journal of which millions of us she's I have Garcinia Cambogia HCA Max any that food in 10 years it gives me a whole new perspective home sell for twelve years nobody should feel like this they would you mind if I just lay downhill the exam I'm decided cell alright it's the morning commercial shit binge I'm still a little bit a league rugby step sixty or seventy percent and get out drink some water %um try to try to eat my normal which is enough protein shake babies through and you see how I feel alright playing Oslo as the likely he did something she release allege that drew Manning Isa good body mind and he went through one the most courageous journeys as trainer that I personally I cream shop want to see what it was like to actually go through that process about keenly he didn’t do what I did for suggested a or two day he did for six months he 75 hosts I hope you don't mind but I called and at least ever topping and he said he wanted me so he actually threw out here and here right now monthly surprised oh wow yeah I told do are you amazing radial Alyssa slightly Germanic meets heard allot about you hopefully good things yeah I S crazy as my stories I it was like crazy when it did yeah but it was a good learning experience definitely very humbling because all I knew was it was easy to be in shape until I did this so I needed to learn a few things which is why did it and some NyQuil at first it was little fun you now to find I let myself go on key whatever I wanted when I want to so there was a sense of freedom for a little bit but very quickly I became lethargic the other half the story is what I went through mentally emotionally so I hope I can share with you.