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Laura Warren

I'm you know you have people who are more don't want to take from the Russian and dispend relying on government things like ours the system can sustain itself with all this plot no and the first data plan to pick on our site I would say certain another 16 acquire currency right now I love it when I was prophesied by the Minister himself when he said America will finance a rope in which to hang themselves with right cracker and am selling it happened mister returns are very gap thirdly I R you know I'm kind of kind of deal what’s going on here I'm hand I wouldn't said like comparing it wasn't so much about like crop on people I mean they never they never try to stop people from practicing their religion they perhaps socialized medicine and the orange like that so there are some level of remember and English I dart that better still there did you know that you don't have here I but you know what they've gone here has been very smart I mean you know the there the the anti-American nor I'm not certain that that other infiltrated good much been the country some 20 years it’s been you'll only have I think about it they took over the educational systems and whatever the only thing I said Give Me Later now younger and all the health care system which is like the greatest how are your app to control people’s lives exactly and that means what worries me.

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