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I think it's always important to tell I homeschooling families is you make decisions academically for each one of your children based on their individual needs not on a aid a blanket cookie-cutter style approach which is pretty much part and parcel will we have to do in a public or private school environment each one of my children has very different academic eating because we've been able to work with them independently we have been able to are provide them the socially appropriate and academically stimulating environment that’s been necessary for them to move on so now you want a saleable measurement verdadsi if you have a child his really struggling maybe the program you need to consider because we have quantifiable research that birdie see works my son Dunkin although he read on grade level mathematically he performed a great level still struggled to unlock the semantics spelling and so we actually have utilized ever defeat program with him in phonics and spelling to make it that a more doable understandable I the keys to the kingdom if you well unlock the secrets that that for him and he has been successful so you have to be able to do for your child what they most need the Calvert education counselors part is the education counselor stand ready to help you figure that out so you want a scaleablemeasurement what are your options I want to talk to you about at least  here first of all Calvert is one of the few organizations that provide the UN ongoing saleable measurement to the vehicle apart by sorry teaching service and I find advisory teaching service teacher I sister child to the completion of his or her course

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