I really clogged up hundreds and because it was late at night it was too late to call the blood drying technician up to draw his blood test I drew his is free afterbloodwork into a class 2 I put it under the nurses’ station and later I came by to pick up the blood to and take down to the laboratory and when look at the two blood I couldn't believe my eyes when you draw blood into a glass tube and let it sit there for an hour it separates out into two parts and there Klotz settles to the bottom and the liked party would love the serum rises up to the top 3c to some blood and the tube on the left is normal serum is normal but here you see the docked-clad and his golden yellow liquid this is normal serum this is what your blood is supposed to look like but I look at mister Phillips to end it was a shock the serum floating in his who was that and greasy white it look like the OMERSglueless stuck to the size of the two when I'm sure K I went back into the room I said mister Phillips did you eat before he came to the hospital to get.


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